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carbs in the evening


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i decided to move my training from the morning to the evening (8pm) because i feel i have more energy, but generally after my workout i eat a lot of carbs and proteins but a lot of people told me that it would be better to not eat carbs in the evening, so i would ask you what would be the best way to take carbs after the evening workout

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Hi edens, the reason i think people say this is because it gives you an insulin spike, and will make it harder to fall asleep, there's others who say it will make you fatter because it sits in your stomache all night digesting or something (i don't believe this)


anyway, i personally sometimes don't have a choice but to eat some carbs even just before bed to get my calories in for the say, and it does effect my sleeping when i do this


anyway, i think the best option for eating carbs in the evening (say within 2 hours of going to sleep) would be non-processed, complex carbs, and not high in sugar (not sugar sugar, but sweet fruits like oranges etc) stuff like vegetables, beans, grains, legumes, and possibly wholemeal breads, but i would hope by then you would have all your calories in for the day and you wouldn't have to eat


if it's not within 2 hours of bed, i'd say it won't make any difference



this post may contain broscience

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