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understanding flavor principles


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One of the biggest deterrents to clean eating is not knowing how to bring out the best from our ingredients.


Another is boredom, which there's never a reason for. We can travel the world when we cook, without any time or effort.


Just getting a handle on a few basic flavor profiles can change your dietary life:





*Unexpected side benefit: the more understanding we have of flavor principles in general, the more perceptive we are of our own cravings and temptations and the better we can be at recreating, modifying, and otherwise palliating those urges with a thoroughly informed hit of something optimally satisfying. Half the time you probably just needed some salt or something. Or some brussels sprouts with a "Chinese" taste.

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Texture can also be broken into categories, the main flavor profiles I use in prepared meals are

Stir fry, ginger, soy, chilli, lemin/lime, brown sugar

Indian, lots of spices, garam masala, comin, chilling etc

Salad/sandwich things, lettuce, olives, tomato, avocado, sauce and some bulky, textured protein source


I'm not very.susceptible to temptation, only time I eat dirty is when I need to get a chunk of calories still a few hours before bed

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