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vegan pancake problem


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Seems like I tried it all!


Flax seed + water to replace eggs. Adding more oil for binding or oats or bananas for binding. Poured quantities of baking powder into the mix. Fake sugar + cinnamon do a lot for the taste, but I have not found a true binding!


Seems like I can't get a protein-powder pancake to stick. At flip-time it just falls apart. Wind up eating protein mush which is silly.


What, pray tell, has worked for you in this department?

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i used to have a recipe for this, i can't remember exactly what it was, but i think it was along the lines of


2 flax eggs

1 cup ground oats

1-2 scoops protein

then soy milk untill it has the right consistancy

and any flavorings and crap you want


i don't remember if that was exactly the recipe, i might have a go tomorrow and tell you how it goes

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This is how I make mine...


* egg white substitute (see pic for the one I use)




* 50-100g oats

* 1 x banana

* 1-2 x scoops protein powder


Mix all of the ingredients together. Pour into a non-stick pan with a little coconut oil if needed and cook on a very low heat with the pan covered.


Cook for around 5 minutes, make sure you flip over when it starts to bubble on top.


Either eat it there and then or leave overnight in fridge and toast the following day (or it's pretty good cold as well)

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Hi again, i gave it a try the other day, i think it might bind better due to me using oats rather than flour, oats tend to soak up lots of water and stick together after a few minutes



the ones i made had 96g carbs, 28g fats, 92g protein, 1004 calories (i wanted a big meal, and not have to worry so much about my macros for the rest of the day)


i ground 1 cup of oats, mixed about 1/5th cup ground flax seed with 1.5 cup soy milk, mixed together with about 4 teaspoons of agave syrup and 1 40g scoop of rice protein isolate, and 40g of pea protein isolate


let it sit for a couple minutes, then cooked with a spray of cooking spray/olive oil, it was high heat for my stove, idk what it would be for other peoples, they tend to vary


here's a picture


i made them just so i could remember how, and post in this topic


it's defianately not like traditional soft, sweet pancakes, the best way i can describe it is as a cooked bowl of oats, it definately covers all traces of the protein powders though, so that's good

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I've used the 'Ener-G' egg replacer for quite some time and have had no problems with it but we usually don't put in in pancakes and use banana's as the binder instead.


Made these a few weeks back, used the chocolate instead of the vanilla powder, a little heavy but made a great meal.



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