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this is from a couple days ago

oat protein pancakes

96g carbs, 28g fats, 92g protein (without banana)

1004 calories, alot of calories, but very useful for me, as i often have a hard time getting enough calories when i have to do stuff during the day and cant eat much, almost like one of those mass gainers some people are so fond of

definately not like normal soft pancakes, it's almost like bowl of oats, cooked, the protein taste & texture are completely covered up though, very good macros


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here's another pancake experiment, i was seeing how low i could go on the oats while still having an edible and cookable pancake analogue

this time i used orgran no egg instead of flax seed, simply because i ran out of flax


also put cocoa in them because what the hell


so in these pancakes, i used half the oats of the last lot, added cocoa and used less agave syrup, and i feel like the texture wasnt significantly different, and they required less frills/toppings etc, as they were smaller and the cocoa added a good amount of flavouring


i think next time i'll try making them with coconut flour, i think it would taste better, and add some good fats, rather than sugars


very good macros

615 calories 47g carbs 12g fats 82g protein

i feel like protein pancakes are much easier to get down than smoothies, the only downside is the prep time, smoothies tend to get really yuck for the last 1/3rd, not from the taste, but from the texture


tomorrow i'll try using a really big bag of flavored protein i didnt really like in shakes, i think it will work well in pancakes due to the sweetner, and cut any need for any sort of toppings like agave & banana, aswell as make use of a $100 dollar bag of protein >.>

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401 calories 60g carbs 2g fats 29g protein


trying to use yellow split peas in a recipe, due to their cheap cost and high protein content, in my past attempts to use these significantly in recipes, they didnt taste that good


this one turned out pretty good, definately edible

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i think the smaller ones were better tasting, less oats, but also means the banana & agave syrup has to be spread out less, also figured out something today, eating strawberries or oranges with these pancakes is great, nice tangy, very nice contrast, especially to the choc ones, but yeah, the strawberries really help the taste of them

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stir fry with mountains of quinoa & bean curd (tofu?)


752 calories, 77g carbs, 25g fats, 40g protein

found a product called "bean curd" in the tofu section, same brand has hard tofu in the same container also, so i thought it must be a different thing, also has impressive protein content (over 18g for a 125g serving), it tastes/feels like just a very firm tofu

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You can also make a vegan protein pancake with silkened tofu, protein powder, and oatmeal... I grind them up add a tiny bit of water grind again and cook them in a pan... If it's pre-gym no almond butter if its post yes almond butter. Soooo good. I use to make them with eggs ew

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