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Reintroduction from Scotland


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Not sure how many people will remember me, but I stopped keeping a log on here about a year ago (due to other comitments). I've been strength training for about 4 years now (wow, doesn't feel that long!), done a couple of amateur powerlifting/team strongman competitions during that time. Notable programs I've done are stonglifts, Jim wendler's 5/3/1 (just started a cycle of this recently), Madcow 5x5 and some powerlifting programs.


6ft tall, weighed about 68kg when I started. Currently about 88kg (nearly at my heaviest ever, was 89-90 at one point), hoping to pass the 90kg mark and beyond soon.


So hi to everyone!



To mods; seems like the topic of my log has been locked, can someone unlock it please?


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Cheers for all the kind messages!


asparagus, I haven't had the best year training wise. I haven't used a belt for months, working on my raw strength. But hopefully I'll beat my old PB of 245kg without a belt at some point in the future


Just made a massive update to my log!

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