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Weighted Push Ups With a FRONTPACK

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I used to do these and i think they work better than push ups, dips and bench press because it is a full body workout. The only thing that keeps it from being a better strength training workout for arms and chest than bench press is the fact that it is so darn hard to add weight. My solution was to wear the backpack in front and do the push ups above ground level. With this strategy, i improved my range of motion (I could go down past where ground level would normally be) and avoided a stupid injury (i fall on the weight, not the weight falling on me.) So it is now easy to not hurt yourself and harder to preform any given amount of reps.


I have a few questions.

1. Has anyone else tried this method?


2. I want to get to the point where I can rep out the equivalent of 275 pounds bench press. Although weighted push ups are not truly comparable to bench press, what do you guys think is the equivalent from weighted push ups to 275 pound bench press? I'm 165 pounds. I wish i was good at physics, because there has to be a way to calculate this.


3. Is there a heavy duty backpack that can hold like 200 pounds of stuff? Im sure i could find metal to fill it with.

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If you put your hands on a set of bathroom scales you'll see that you are supporting more weight on your hands in the bottom position than in the top position. You will be pressing more at the bottom position and gradually less as your arms straighten and more of the weight is transferred to your feet. There might not be much difference if your hands and feet are at the same height. Try to adjust the height of your feet so that the weight doesn't vary too much between each position to get a better approximation of the bench press. If you want a beter approximation, that is.


You could also use bands which go across your back and are held under your hands to provide more resistance. This will mean you are pressing more weight nearer the top position, which will cancel out the other effect.


You could also do one-arm press ups with your working arm held close to your body. This is incredibly hard (much harder than the 'Rocky' ones) and you'll probably need to do partials. But they will build up a tremendous amount of strength in the triceps. You may need to do them with your hands much higher than your feet and gradually reduce the height of your hands as you become stronger.


I was doing them and coming along nicely when I injured my already dodgy left shoulder. I also somehow injured my left wrist.

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