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How do you approach "cheat days"


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Just wondering how you guys approach cheat days?


my own approach is usually just to take a day off of the macros, eat lots of carbs, lots of salads, and take no protein supplements,also meaning i'm able to eat more less calorie dense food

but yeah, on my cheat days, i usually just end up taking in about 50-70g less protein, more carbs, and less calories , and not worry about stuffing my face with the amount of calories i need, i usually still try to get good sources of protein in on "cheat days" , like tofu, beans, grains etc, just avoid the very filling protein smoothies, and fit in more, i think refreshing things like just raw vegetables, fruits, salads, less calorie dense stuff

i don't usually have cheat days like this, i often have days off of training where i just have half as much protein powder, get a little less protein, but still work to get my caloric goals, and relax a little


anywho, just curious if anyone else has "cheat days", and how do you approach them

do you eat junk food?

do you go over your calories, or under?

do you forget macros and just relax?

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