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Please, help me make a program!


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Hey folks,


So after leaving New Zealand for California and now starting again in Sweden, I'm needing to get back in the gym. I know myself, and I want to get some structure before I get there and forget to follow a plan (I'll usually just do my favourite exercises and neglect certain things if given the chance).


Since it's been a while, I'm looking at starting with 3 days per week (Mon, Wed, Fri).


I'm looking for some kind of well rounded plan that I can increase my load with over 8 weeks and then I'll look at it again. This is what I'm thinking...


Day 1:

- Heavy Compound: Deadlifts

- Pull Ups

- Seated Row

- One Arm Dumbell Rows


Day 2:

- Heavy Compound: Overhead Press (Clean and Press maybe?)

- Arnold Press

- Front Raises

- Side Raises

- Rear Raises (maybe superset the raises?)


Day 3:

- Heavy Compound: Incline Bench/Dumbell Press

- Push Ups

- Incline Dumbell Flys

- Cable Crossovers



When I add in a Day 4, that'd be things like front squats etc. Living in Sweden means I don't need a car and bike EVERYWHERE which is awesome (have actually dropped a pant size from that simple change I think!).


Does anyone have thoughts on rep ranges? Adding in some HIIT after weights? I was jumping a lot of rope before and doing sprints which I enjoyed.


Any advice is HUGELY appreciated

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Try monday friday


Leg curl 3x12

Barbell bench 3x12

Barbell row 3x12

Incline bench press w barbell 2x12

Lat machine 2x12

Barbell curl 2x15

Pull down 2x15



Squat 3x12

Leg curl 3x12

Dumbbell incline bench 3x12

Dumbbell bent over 3x12

Dumbbell shoulder 2x12

Inverse lat machine 2x12

Dumbbell bicep curl 2x15

Pulldown 2x15


I am following this program i will change every month esercises and reps.

Try and let me know

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