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Male vegetarian trying to become vegan and bodybuild

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I am just beginning to eliminate dairy and eggs etc from my diet and choose more raw plant foods and continue to eat legumes but

I find it hard to hit my daily requirement for protein by doing this. I am also trying to workout and put on muscle and this requires me to have additional protein.

I am in Food and Nutrition management at my college and in nutrition classes my profs have told me health canada says about 0.86g of protein per kilogram of body weight.

So I weigh about 185lbs/2.2 = 84g of protein a day.

In addition to that I would need more for muscle growth and rebuild.


Heres the problem:

Every vegan bodybuilding plan I see has soy in it.

Im not totally against soy but I would only want to consume it once a day or so just because of the uncertainty of research.

I do try to pick organic non gmo but I am still hesitant to consume more than a meals worth in a day. Am I crazy? lol


My day breakdown is looking like this:


Breakfast: Oatmeal or PB+J or Cereal with almond milk

+ a Plant fusion protein drink

(PROTEIN 30g or so)


Snack: Fruit/Veg


Lunch: Beans and Rice + maybe some veg or Veg wrap with chickpeas

(PROTEIN 15-20g or so)


Snack - Almonds or Nuts of some kind + apple or other fruit

(PROTEIN 5-10g)


Dinner: Lentil or Chickpea Curry, Mock meat dish, Falafel, etc

(PROTEIN 15-30g)


Snack: Fruit or Veg and Hummus

(PROTEIN - 5g)


and If I workout I would have one more shake so another 21g of PROTEIN (powder with water)



On the low end Im around 60-65g a day vs high end is over 100g.

I guess this is what you get yourself into when you are a vegan lol.


Is this sufficient? I feel Im close but eating more soy would make it easier but Im concerned for health and want eat clean.


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A couple question/comments. What is the uncertainty of soy? Have you tried searching this site for soy free? There are some athletes that are actually fruitarians.


Uncertainty of soy side effects on men. So at this point I want to limit soy until objective research is shown.

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you can be vegan without soy, but it would be twice hard if your goal is to put up mass, almost all the meat substitutes with big amounts of proteins come from soy (you can easily find non-gmo products, now every vegan thing comes from bio cultivations).

what about seitan? are you against gluten too?

anyway legumes, seeds and big variety of nuts but pay attention using these 2 as a protein source will give you a lot of fat.

i use soy once a day too or from tofu or other variations (burgers, schentzel, "meat"balls etc etc)

buy a good protein powder brand, adn make good shakes, buy even bcaa, and other powders like spirulina, maca, hemp pro powder, etc i always put them in the shake with rice milk. doing it just with water is not that tasty

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