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Hi Everyone! Greetings from Chicago


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I've been lurking these forums for too long, and decided it's about time I introduce myself.


My name is Cody. I'm 22 years old, live near Chicago, and currently attend Western Illinois University studying History. I found this website about a year ago through a friend who was trying out the vegan fitness lifestyle. At this point I was just getting into weight lifting and other physical activities, and like most people in my situation, I was eating large amount of animal products and chugging powdered whey protein. My friend suggested being vegan and showed me this website. I slowly educated myself and decided to change my habits, so last summer I decided to try out the vegan lifestyle. I never intended to stick with it; It was more like an experiment at the time. Soon I realized how much I liked all the changes and decided to continue my journey. To this day I'm mostly plant-based(I have a donut problem), and I really enjoy the decisions I've made.


Everyone in this community seems really awesome, so I hope I can get to know many of you. My other hobbies outside physical fitness include painting, playing drums, History/Philosophy, video and table-top games, and coffee.


Thanks for reading,


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What's up Cody from Chi-town, welcome! You play drums in a band? Got any youtubes or soundclouds up?




Unfortunately I haven't been in a band for a while, so I don't have anything recorded that's any good. Plus I can't take my drums to college, so I don't much playing in these days

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