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Problems with liver while bodybuilding


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Hey guys,


Just was wondering if someone has any problems with liver before? Or maybe you know what could be the reasons? I'll try to be short and describe my current situation:


I've been to a doctor just to check up on my blood, see if I'm missing some minerals, vitamins or anything else (after all, bodybuilding gives a huge stress on the body) so the doctor told me that I have got some minor problem with liver. He told me to come after month to see if the problem persists/disappears. So it gone a bit worse.


I have checked my blood 3 times in this year:

1. February - everything's perfectly normal

On June I became a vegan and I started bodybuilding on July.

2. Month after bodybuilding I gave a blood sample and they told me that "some index for liver gone up". I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke, don't take any drugs/medicine, the only thing that I changed is a huge increase in calories and protein intake.

3. Two month after bodybuilding (few days ago) I gave another blood sample and now they tell me it's even worse.


So my conclusion is: it's clearly related to my diet. I have an appointment with doctor on next monday and I'm afraid he will suggest decreasing the amount of food I eat or even to quit bodybuilding... And I just started getting used to it!


Could you share some of your knowledge and suggest something that I could change to make my liver normal again?

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Does anyone have the same problem? Today I came back from doctor with the test results and apparently it's just getting worse.


Normal liver enzymes level is 10-50. Mine was 20 on February.


On August that index was ~105

On October 1st it was ~170 (4 times bigger than maximum allowed).


The only reason I could find was "big protein intake". I also drink a lot of water, but that doesn't seem to help. How are your livers? How do you keep eating a lot of protein based food and keep liver healthy? I would be very happy if someone could answer...

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Hi aurijus, i had a similar thing before i committed to bodybuilding, some enzymes were a little off, at the time my diet was already pretty good, but afterwards i started taking some vitamins, and improving my diet, on my 2nd test, they were still a little off but had improved to the normal range


not exactly sure what helped the change, i think it may have actually been bodybuilding that helped, at the time i was working into a higher protein diet, containing stuff like quinoa, grains, tofu, leafy vegetables, soy milks etc, perhaps improving my emphasis on nutritional quality of foods

but yeah, after the first blood test, i started taking a multivitamin, vitamin d(3?) and b12 all from deva, so that may have helped aswell


anywho i might see if i can find my test results, perhaps it's a completely different liver problem though so i cant gurantee everything

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