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New To Vegan Muscle Building

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Hey guys I am new to the vegan thing. I have been a vegan before, for about 4 months but due to the fact that I was not getting the right nutrients I got sick and had to stop (did not have too I just wanted to get back to building muscle faster) I want to gain some muscle while being a vegan, but I need some suggestions on bean recipes, good easy on the go vegan protein pact food, and anything else that is good to burn fat and put on lean muscle. One of my buddies who has been vegan for couple years told me vitamins he take to stay healthy for triathlons and such so I now know what vitamins i should take and where to get the nutrients from, but just wanted some extra help on how to pack on the extra muscle! Let me know and if anything I said sounds dumb just let me know haha.

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Hi Ryan, welcome to the forum. Great to have you here, always nice to have new people signing up here that have genuine passion and interest in living the cleanest and healthiest life possible.


I've got a couple of recipe threads going that I try to update regularly, plenty of high protein meals in there that will satisfy your tastebuds, your soul and your muscles! First one is food and meal based, the second link is shakes






In terms of foods that build muscle, well I would just say to make sure you are eating a wide variety of colourful, clean high-protein foods. Also try to get plenty of EFA's (raw nuts, avocados etc), also plan the majority of your carb intake around either the start your day and/or your training sessions. Muscle growth is often limited by a lack of quality calories, usually once this is addressed then the muscle gains follow.




Hope some of this is helpful, welcome again to VBB. Great to have you here MF.

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I doubt getting sick had anything to do with being vegan. Also you don't have to eat multivitamins(except for a b12 supplement) to be a vegan either. Vegans get sick just like Omni's get sick. I just mainly try to eat whole foods because they are like mini-multivitamins. They have a little bit of everything in them. I just mainly try to watch my calcium and iron intake. Kale and spinach are great for both. If you are into smoothies you can get a lot of good protein and vitamins/minerals with green smoothies(well add some fruit or berries for flavor).


The only supplement a vegan should have to take is b12. We can't get it from our diet.


My thing against multi-vitamins and processed/fortified foods it pretty simple. When they process it they strip it of basically all of its nutrition. So you are just left with the sugar/starch/carbohydrate. Then they add vitamins/minerals to it. You are basically eating sugar and a multivitamin. There is a lot they don't/can't add back into it. This is why I try to stick to as many whole foods as possible.


Also I would think getting sick is less likely while you are a vegan. If you are eating properly (lots of veggies and fruits) your diet should be high in vitamin C. If you are worried about micro nutrients you can just look up the foods you are eating on http://www.nutritiondata.self.com.

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I think most people are just brainwashed into being hypochondriacs about veganism. I guess I would have to include myself in that as well. I was afraid to try it until I saw that people could be bodybuilders. The more you learn about it you'll realize that vegans are healthier on average and will live longer than meat eaters. I've been vegan for about 11 months now and I've pretty much overcome all the brainwashing about being malnourished or protein deficient. I'll be vegan the rest of my life I am sure.


You will understand what I mean if you put enough research into it and give it time. We are taught that we need animal products and will be healthier with them. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

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