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Help! Need to put together diet plan for runner


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Someone from another forum sent me here, I'm in a bit of a hurry to get out of the house so I just copied and pasted what I wrote over there below:


So, I have been training for a 10k at the end of this month but have hit a wall. I am realizing my diet is crappy (way too much sugar!). I use to eat a pretty balanced diet but my sugar addiction has gotten out of hand in the last few years and I've all but forgotten how to balance my diet. I am in shape overall but not performing at maximum (coupled with asthma that has gotten worse over the years).


So, I want to hit the store this evening after my rescue group adoption event. I am fine going cold turkey as that's how I went vegan in the first place.


So can anyone help me with a daily diet plan geared towards a runner?

If several people chime in I could use a few different diet plans over the course of a week so I don't get bored.

There are a few staples some runners use that I'm not fond of (mixed nuts, oats).

Thanks for any help! I seriously hope when I hop back on later today, you guys have some awesome ideas!

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No need to get too complicated, just make sure you are eating enough to fuel your workouts and ensure optimal muscular recovery and adaptation.


When I'm training for marathons and/or ultramarathons my diet is pretty basic. Probably almost bordering on boring. My dietary everyday staples include foods such as:


Quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, homemade curries, TVP, rice, tofu, lots of fresh fruit and veges, salads (I eat lots more in the Summer than I do Winter), sushi/inari, oats and muesli. When I'm out on my longer runs I tend to head out with an electrolyte-based drink and some vegan gels I came across a few months back, but if I can't get hold of that particular brand I switch to CLIF gels instead. The ones I use are pretty thick but I find in terms of sustainable energy they're great. They are also refillable and eco-friendly which is important to me


Ditch the sugar though, and I think you realise that. If I can get by without it for running an 70km mountain race you can do it for training towards a 10km race !! If you can't stop cold turkey then maybe you could look at reducing it gradually over time, give yourself a few weeks to completely eliminate it from your diet. If I need to use sugar for some odd reason I'll use stevia instead, doesn't affect your blood sugar levels (has a GI index of zero) and it's completely natural and plant based.


Keep us in the loop how you get on and good luck MF

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