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whats wrong with french press?

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hey everybody i would like to have some tips about the french press.

i am following a list of exercise to build mass, every month they change, this month i have an annoying exercise which is giving me troubles, i am trying to make the french press but it seems like my triceps cant afford that effort even if i always try to train them with pull downs-45kg (i know that trains the dorsal more but i feel the pump to my triceps too).

Question is, would you give me some advice to try to make this exercise without problems? or should i try to make other exercises for the triceps before?

thank you all

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Hi Eden,


Many people have problems with this one, i get a sharp pain in my elbows with this one (no matter what angle or grip I've used), same with my trainer. I'd say any movement that is giving you trouble, eliminate it, and go with something else. Personally I've never found Triceps extension (lying or seated) to be all that productive, for me, dips and shoulder width grip bench presses produced best results.

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hey rob thank you,

i try to do as you said to not make moves that can hurt me, more than pain in my elbows i feel pain in my wrist after the set, this month in the schedule i have 2 exercises for my triceps, skull crusher and french press. the first one i do it on a flat bench, the second one on incline bench. i never had such a difficult exercise, probably is matter of time and i get used to it, but for the moment i know that at the end of the sets or i made them wrong or i hurt myself.

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