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Help with my arms


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Well I'm doing okay, manage to get to the gym four times a week after being sick and hurt for a bit.


I'm still having a problem with my arms though. I can deadlift, squat and so on quite a bit of weight, not as much as the huge guys here but still above average. However my arms have always been and still are my weakest body part. They never seem to grow or get stronger, I can't even do chin up as they just wont lift my weight (which is embarrassing). It's getting to the point where they are even starting to hold me back with bench's and overhead's as they will tire out before anything else.


Is there anything I can do to get them up to speed with the rest of me?

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How you address weaknesses will depend on your training system.

You could add in an extra movement for tris and bis. You could also use intensity techniques (dropsets, supersets, forces reps etc).

Or you could have little extra training sessions at home where you just do two exercises or so for 10-20 minutes, preferably nonstop.

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