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Hello from Ohio


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I have been somewhat of a creeper to this website/forum off and on for a couple of years. However, I have never posted on any forums and was a little hesitant to join. So, now that I have been motivated by others, I decided to get over myself and become a community member.


A little about me and why I wanted to make friends here ...


In October I turned 34. I have been a vegan for four years. Before being a vegan I was following a terrible diet - eating fast food daily and justifying it by believing it was necessary because I was grabbing food between work and school. I made many, many poor dietary choices. To give you an idea of where I was, I am a 5'5" female with a medium build and weighed 200lbs. The weight wasn't the worst part though, I also felt sluggish and tired all the time.


Browsing at a bookstore one day I ran across Skinny B*tch and thought the name was odd so I picked it up. After reading what is was about, I became interested and decided to buy the book. I wasn't even done reading when I decided that I wanted to follow a vegan diet. So, I quit all animal products immediately. At first, because I was scared that I wouldn't get proper nutrition (the typical "where will I get my protein?" mentality) I logged everything I ate and added all the contents. Now I laugh when people ask about protein. When recording my food it was very easy to see that protein isn't a problem at all.


Since becoming vegan I have lost just over 70 pounds and still feel like I am just getting started. It has been a long, slow process for me because I wanted to make changes I was sure that I could maintain for the long haul.


A thank you goes out to many of you that have been members and posted inspiring results. Even some of us that are timid about joining are encouraged by your successes.

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