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That cronometer site looks really interesting, I might do a trial week just to see if I'm missing out, or going overboard on any vitamins or minerals.


I enjoy some olympic lifting too, although I'm nowhere near your standard. I'll keep an eye on this journal for inspiration.

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Hey Guys thanks for the comments, very much appreciated.


I've been very busy this last while and will be very busy the next two weeks but while I have a chance I'll update the log some bit

C.O. The site I'm analysing the nutrition on is http://cronometer.com/ I don't really track(cos I don't log it daily) as so much I use it to see what I am lacking

The values are % of minimum and then when red appears you have exceeded the recommended daily allowance

Yesterday I was super lazy and had beans and rice for the three meals!

This was great for lysine but not so great for selenium. Vitamin E and Calcium weren't that great either. Actually anyone have any ideas for vitamin E I'm finding that quite hard

I ate too much Manganese, magnesium, folate, fiber and sodium. But I've looked thoroughly on the net and found no evidence of people overdosing on vitamins and minerals from plants. Also the fiber and philates(spelling) reduce absorption, either that or I'm growing a tumor(folates) and building up mineral toxicity! lets hope not!


On the positive side my omega ratio has improved and I'm eating more lysine(not really that much fun and I'm doubtful of any real benefit)


The two kilos have already gone on, mostly fat, I'm putting that down to the extra beans(rice) and rice(reduce wind)






Training wise I tested my maxes on Friday and got a 65kg snatch and a 80kg clean and Jerk

AndiMoris thanks for the props but really I'm still a rank beginner, I've got a real long way to go.

From this week on I've started training at lunch times rather than afternoons as it is really eating into my college time too much

I'm aiming for 40mins Mon -Friday and ~2hrs on Saturday or Sunday


Sunday was swole day

OHP 10*[email protected] 35 Superseted with Rows 10*[email protected] 65


Yesterday was

squat [email protected] 20,50,60,65,70,70,70,70 (I'm trying to widen my stance a bit so greasing the groove)

Jerk [email protected] 20,30,40,50,55,60,65,65,60 (Hips not stable enough in the catch, Last month it was abs now its hips => Lunges!)

Michalina - Rest varies, from 2-5 mins, I usually take too long, good for strength but poor for work capacity, I'm trying to reduce it where possible, especially on the lunchtime trainings

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Training yesterday was

sq [email protected] 20,40,60,70,75,75,75,75 (Right leg is dominant with the wide stance - gotta fix that => lunges and pistols

OHS [email protected] 20,30,40 3*40 (sucked at this, wrists felt week but could be that I squatted just before)

Row [email protected] 60,70,80,80,70

OHP 8*40,1*60,3*40, 8*40


Dinner was more of the beans and some steamed pumpkin

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Too right AndiMorris, ah well, next time


Todays training was;

Left Leg Lunges 10*40,50,60,60,65,70,70,70,70

Front Squats 5*60,60,65,70,75,80,85 & [email protected],85,85

Ab rollouts 1*15

Hanging leg raises 2

Three sets of knee raises off two parellel 50mm rope


Front Squat 5 x 85kg matched an old pr so the wider stance is getting better. Just need to get it to work on regular back squats.

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Friday Lunch

sq [email protected] 20,60,70,80,85, 85, 85

Jerk [email protected] 20,30,40,50,55,2x60,1x60 3x50


Friday evening (didn't record warmups)

OHS 5x42.5 (without wraps)

Drop Snatches

Jerks 3x60

Half Squats from pins 3x180



Squats 20*10, 5 sets of 60*10, 10*65, 10*70, 10*75,6*80,6*85

OverHead Shrug 10*20,25,30

Clean Pulls 3*60,70,80,80

Cleans 1*60,70,80,90

Over Head Press 8*40,40,40

Leg Raises off a Bench

Abb Rollouts 3 sets of 5 with 10kg&3 with no weight



Squat [email protected] 20,50,60,65,70,75,80,8*85, 5*90, 4*95 (tired)

Lunge (Jerk stance, Back Squat rack position for bar) 10-6 60,70,80,90,95 (not sure how good this is, but wasn't a totally bad exercise)

Left Leg Lunges 3sets of 5*80


What I have learned the past week

Wrists need way more stretching and conditioning

I tend to use my right leg more on the heavy sets when squatting

My right knee comes in when in receiving the Jerk

I'm not sure if this is from a weakness in the left leg or just the abductors not firing properly(probably both)


Solutions are

Wrists; stretch, roll on golf ball, anything hanging off a rope, reverse wrist curls, overhead squats without wraps, and wrist pushups

Knee; do a set of squats with band on knee supersetted with jerking and squatting exercises (and others if motivated)


Food wise I'm finding the higher protein intake difficult on the system from preparing, eating, digesting, and enjoyment. One of the reasons I became vegan was because I do really well on complex carbs as a staple and then all the other stuff, so I'll be sticking to that from now on out! The two kilos have gone on and I don't appear to be putting on more weight without trying, that's great, headache free. hopefully it'll stay that way.

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Lunch time today


squat [email protected] 20,40,60,70,75,80, & 5*[email protected]

Behind the neck Push Press 5*20,30,40,50,55,55,55,55,55

Row [email protected] 55,70,70,70 (last half of the sets not full range of motion)

Hanging leg raises off rope 5,3,2


These workouts are extending to an hour! meant to be 40 mins

I love training too much


Triceps have loads of knots in them, been under used and forgotten of late

Hook grip on the push presses is nice (helps stop bar from travelling back towards fingers)

Did loads of hip external rotater activation work between sets - paid off - going to keep this up

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Front Squats 5*50,60,70,80,85, 90, 95, 3*95

OHP 10*20,30,8*35,5*40,5*40

Weighted pullups 5,4,3,3 @20kg

Leg raises on rope, lots of reverse wrist curls with 5kg



sq [email protected] 20,60,70,80,90, 8*90, 4*90

Snatch Grip RDLS [email protected] 20,70,80,,90,,100,,110,110,110

Hanging from rope leg raises , Lots of reverse grip curls with a 10lbs dumbell and ab rollouts with 10kg 3*6

Lots of external hip rotator activation work between sets

OHP 1*60kg


Christmas is here to derail training

Merry Christmas Everybody

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I just had the thank the person who mentioned the cron-o-meter site for tracking diet, etc. THANK YOU!!! I've been looking for software like that for years.


I'm sorry this is a bit off topic for this thread. I really am extremely grateful for the link though. (Yes, I'm new to the forum)

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