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Phytic acid

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Most of this stuff is above my full understanding, but for any nutrition questions I turn to this website for guidance. It's a non-profit site highlighting and explaining the newest advances in dietary nutrition, in short 2-4 min videos...


(skip to 1:20 if you want to get right to Phytic acids)




Not sure about cooking and its effects.

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Cheers Redwood, I'll be adding onions and garlic or else doubling portions(yum) That looks like a great website


From what I can see cooking reduces phytic acid but does not eliminate it.


Soaking dehydrated nuts is a good thing according to some.


A question is, what does it inhibit absorption of? folates, protein(which amino acids?), or just iron and zinc?

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No problem. Fantastic website & totally free (no business sponsors AT ALL, EVER). Just nutrition and science...


I'm curious why taking the water out, then putting it back in (for nuts) is helpful?


Phytic acid partially reduces mineral absorption. Iron and zinc being the standout in this study shown below. Doesn't say anything about protein, so I would assume it has little or no effect, unless you have evidence to the contrary?



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I would be more worried about the Lectins that are known to cause inflammation. Not all nuts and seeds have lectins though.


If you're going to consume rice. Soak the rice in water for 24 hours and change the water when you can. The Lectins will be released in the water.


Phytic Acid already has minerals bound to it.. so it needs to give up minerals to bind others.

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