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Phillipes new training diary

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I have come to the conclusion, by way of clothing not fitting, that i have gained a lot of weight. Not the bulky weight of weight lifting but the gnarled gristle of too much vegan pizza and beer. Towards this end I thought I would create this journal to track my 30 days of exercise before my 32nd birthday.


I told myself that i wanted to be active for 5 out of 7 days a week. This will be with 45 minutes - 1 hour of cardio and on days I am not doing that, by rock climbing.


After this goal is completed i will re-assess my goals and most likely add bodybuilding back into my repertoire.


Current weight 183lbs.

Fighting weight usually around 165-173 lbs.


Ill add measurements tomorrow after i buy a tape measure.

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Hey Dylan,


Sorry I didnt see this until now, I have been away for the holidays. I go to planet fitness on Myrtle-Wycoff I have a blackcard membership though which allows me to bring a guest anytime I go. I made myself a promise that I wouldnt eat out or drink for the next month to kickstart my fitness routine. What kind of workouts do you enjoy doing?


Journal Update: Welp....I think i workouts for 4 days of the 30 days I had intended. Which is an uptick from the previous month. I have taken the time to look at some workout plans that incorporate weights for a full body work out a few times a week. I want to incorporate this into my climbing schedule. I plan on being in a competition in Cleveland in August in the intermediate climbing range and want to be in the best shape I can be. So hopefully as of next week Ill be on track to do just that.

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Nice actually some of my friends work out at that same planet fitness that you do. I just moved in with my gf in the city so I joined balleys because its close and has a pool and hot tub.

My reg schedule is 2 days of upper body lifting a week, 1 day of legs, and try to incorporate some weightless exercise at home. I also play in a social soccer league once a week. I've been getting in more legs than normal recently trying to prep for snowboard season but so far I haven't even been up, I was even in the westcoast and didn't ride because they hadn't gotten much snow their either.

Do you climb at brooklyn boulders?

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