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A few Questions about protein intake


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I've recently started a routine of lifting 2-3 times a week (in roller derby practice 2-3 times a week). Usually 1 will be an all over/lower workout including deadlifts and squats and the other 1-2 will be focusing on core and upper body (particularly upper body as thats what I don't get to work out with derby)


I've got a few questions about my protein and calorie intake.


I weigh about 185lbs, which is a decent weight for my height (6'6/196cm) and I mostly want to change what that weight is made up of.


With the aim of increasing muscular strength and definition what is the quantity of protein I should be getting on gym days and other days? I get about 75-100g roughly 1/2 from hemp and soya based supplements and half from nuts and seeds


What should I be aiming for calorie wise. Should I be aiming to go over the standard 2,500?


Is the timing of when I have protein affect muscular development? or is that a load of cobblers?


Thanks in advance

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for strength and definition wouldnt you be more concerned with your excersize routine than your calorie intake? Calorie intake is more important for bulking wouldn't you say?


Roberts book has some good info on protein and calorie intake. Otherwise you can browse the training journals for someone with a similar size than you.

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Pre-workout, I'd focus more on complex carbs for energy and endurance, and in post or during an off day - focus more on proteins / fats. Personally, I don't count calories. Just find the right amount of food, for your energy level and goals.


Throughout the day, the body needs a certain number of proteins / amino acids available to rebuild muscle, since the body doesn't store protein. Your protein amount seems low - For your body weight, ideal protein intake is about 74-92.5 grams for a regular person. But since you're lifting and looking to turn that same weight to muscle mass, I'd aim for more like 100-115.


Just remember to not load up on proteins and fats before working out. Do it after, or early enough before your workout, so you have time to digest and process it.


Good luck!

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