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Pull ups are up to 10-13 max set, it's so awesome to just be able to do them, it's hard to think of a time now where i had trouble with them, they are just so easy for me now


did legs today at 155kg seated leg press, up 20kg from last best, leg extension is also up alot. i can do 100kg for 15 first set, but then it drops alot, or i can do 86 kg for 5 sets, which is really incredible, i recall having trouble at around 56kg, and now 86kg almost feels like nothing for first set.


prettymuch everything has improved.

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havent been skipping anything... heres some new pics... i have gotten a tiny bit leaner since last pics... i think i'm going to try and lean out a little more very slowly, then try to stay at that level... not talking jacked or anything, just a little lean lol

http://puu.sh/lpZdk/375835c70f.jpg no idea how to flex back for this shot haha



couple days ago i decided i want to give full body workouts a try for a month or two... going to focus on

shoulder press


bench press





leg press


big compound stuff... might throw in some accessory movements also... would appreciate any suggestions on this


BTW i do put alot of effort into legs... maybe even the most... i dont think theres much to show still in photos though... not much definition yet... strength seems to be a bit static atm on the press so i think ill have to try some new things

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ok so this is about my 6 month mark at the gym... would really like some input, not sure im progressing as fast as i should be or not?


so i have been very reliably going to the gym for the past 6 months, you can see my earlier pics earlier in this thread, have made alot of strength gains, i think particularly in my back and legs, right now i am doing full body workouts, mainly involving pull ups, bench, shoulder press, low rows, dips, squats and legpress, and not much accessory or isolation style stuff recently like curls or tricep extensions, i also have been working more core into sessions lately too, most of the stuff i do, i aim for 8 reps, except 15 reps for legs... right now im at about 28kg(each arm) bench press, 72 kilo row, about 240 kilo or more leg press, and im still getting better with pullups... im at about 4x5-7 now


heres some pics of where im at right now



just had lunch.. big smoothie before this so i might be a bit bloated haha


... tried taking back pics, but the nature of it is i cant tell what im photographing, so i ended up just paking a picture of my left shoulder lol


leg pics arent very good either


guys tell me what you think, would also like suggestions for some more heavy compound lifts to do so i can alternate it a bit

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