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Hello from Denmark


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Hi you guys.


So I'll introduse myself a bit


My Name is Sanne, I'm 30 years old, I live i a small town called Ansager, in Denmark, and I've been vegan since April 17th 2013.

I have lost A LOT of veight (55 kilos), over the last 3 years, so now I'm working on my overall health. My future goals are Trying to lower my bodyfat% from 21,4 (where it is now) to my goal (yeah my goal for now) at 18% And build up some great big muscles


Vegans are pretty rare in denmark, and vegan athletes even more rare... So I'm looking forward to sharing with you guys in here.


I suffer from various mental illnesses, but the way I live, my diet, training and sleep, makes my life both fantastic, wonderfull, powerfull and great. So I have no job, besides keeping myself fit inside and outside


English isn't my main language so please bare with me.

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Hey Sanne, welcome to the group! Is DK the abbreviation for Denmark? I like those letters, they are my initials.


How come your only job is to be healthy? How do you survive? Pay bills, etc?


Hope you get a lot out of this forum. Ask questions on other people's threads, pick people's brains, its a open and helpful group here.



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Hi Dylan and thank you


Yes DK is a abbreviation for Denmark Well I'm not sure what it's called in english. Bu directly translated I am on "Early retirement". Some kind of social welfair I guess... So I'm able to pay rent, gym membership, phone and all that.


I don't have a lot of money, but I manage just fine


Well I've been browsing the forum just briefly, but I allready feel at home in here ! People seem really nice and helpfull.



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