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pushups in the evening

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hey everybody,

i would like to know if making pushups in the evening (3 sessions of 20 with open arms and 3 sessions of 20 with close arms) the same day of the workout at the gym (generally i train at 8am) is useless or it helps as a bonus training.

generally the workout i make at the gym is based on barbell curls, barbell bench press, barbell row, squat, deadlift, cable crossover and latmachine.

i asked because i am going to start muay thai and in the cardio training i need to make pushups too.

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Its tricky because your muscles do need time to recover. If you are able to do push ups after your workouts at night maybe you didnt work hard enough at the gym?


I like push ups in the mornings, helps give me energy to start the day.

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