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What's my body type?


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Hi, I'm new here. Although I have always been into fitness and nutrition and have always done strength training and even power lifting in the past. I still can't work out my body type. I don't seem to strictly fit into any of the 3. I think I'm a cross between an endomorph and mesomorth? But then what regime do I lean towards?

I'm 5ft 7inches


Distribute fat evenly

Build muscle easy but also store fat easily

I've a curvy figure but dont think what you'd especially call rounded :-/


Ummmm due to the nature of the majority of my work its hard to find pictures that show my shape without showing too much


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I've never really believed in body types, ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph.. I'm not convinced ahha.. People insist on them though so I'm sure someone will have an answer for you.


Also have you thought of making a training journal on here? There a great way to get good advice whilst reminding yourself of what you've done and tracking your progress!

Anyways, hope you aremt caught up in this storm! Think it's further north than you ahha

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Hi Tefnut,


You Look Fab:)


I agree in part with Ross, although, i dont think its people who insist upon the boby types, its nature that dictates the rules. That being said, the requirements of productive exercise are universal, regardless of body type. Workouts must be intense/stressful enough for it to warren an adaptive response, they must be brief, and they must be infrequent to allow for full recovery (both localized and systemic recovery).


Best wishes


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Thanks. Frustrating not being able to lift atm. Having to train my muscles from the most inner ones out. This is the first week in a year I haven't been dragging my right leg as I walk. Am making a faster recovery than most I think partly because for some reason I build/gain muscle very quickly when activating the correct muscles. So walking itself is a challenge atm. But getting there

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