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How do you get/keep motivated?

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I'm struggling with motivation to eat well and keep up my exercise goals. Any advice/tips on how to keep yourself on track, or fir me, get myself on the track to begin with. I'm still dwelling on the negatives that I've put so much weighg back on from being ill after I worked so hard to get it off. I need a kick up the ass but don't know where to get it!

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I think you have to figure out what your goal is to be fit and healthy. Simply to look good doesn't seem to motivate too many people unless they are narcissists. LOL Maybe you want to feel better, or do more physical activities you enjoy that you can't do now. Maybe you want to simply be a great representative for veganism so people can see that vegans are healthy. Maybe you have more than one goal.


Is that goal important enough to motivate you beyond all the negative stuff pulling you down? Sometimes it isn't. Sometimes the only way to get motivated is to eliminate some of the negative things holding you down. This sound like where you might be right now. You might need someone who can help you with what is weighing you down. This doesn't have to be a professional. Sometimes you just need someone in the same boat and you can motivate each other. Have you tried finding a workout buddy and cooking buddy? Sometimes it is difficult depending on where you live. Where I live, people think they get enough exercise lifting the dead deer they shot into their pickup.


With the exercise, try this. Get up every morning and at the very least, do a warmup and stretch. For me, about 90 percent of the time I am able to continue beyond that and get a decent workout. I have very very low energy, so getting started is especially hard.


With the eating right, here are a few things I do, which may or may not work for you.

1. Try and never shop for food when hungry. If I am hungry, I tend to buy more junk food.

2. Donate any processed crap in your house to a neighbor or food bank. Just clean house and start with only fresh produce.

3. Fasting occasionally helps me to "reset" my palate. After a day of fasting, even a salad sounds wonderful.

4. Drink a lot of water or tea (caffeine-free) whenever you feel the munchies coming on. A cinnamon stick in tea or even to suck on can help moderate blood sugar levels (or so I have read), and I find that helps to subdue my cravings.


You could also post your diet on the forum. Sometimes when you know others will know what you are eating, it can help you to not eat junk food.


It is all trial and error and error and error. I still haven't figured out how to be consistent. Some days I wake up and lay in bed till 9AM.


Good luck!

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Yeah for eating what you have around you makes all the difference. If you can pack a lunch to bring with you to work that will make a huge difference vs the easy choice to buy something convenient and often not healthy. Curries, stews, stir frys, stuff that you can make large portions of and have left overs for a couple days of lunches are nice.


Carrying healthy snacks with you and or having them at work helps too.


For me and most people, what you eat is what's around. So if you want to eat healthy and not stray towards junk you gotta keep the good stuff at arms length.

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