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Training for my first 100km mountain race, Jan 2016

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Just under 6 weeks until the Motatapu off-road marathon, looking forward to it. I raced it a few years back and it's a stunning (but a quite brutally hilly) course, definitely the most scenic marathon I have ever ran. It's all private land that is opened up to the public once a year just for this race








I'll be running it with an old fiend, no time goals or anything like that. Just get a good run in the legs and a weekend away at the same time, I think the first time I finished in just over 5hrs so it is far from a fast course.






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Ran into a spot of bother today...


Went out for a run in our searing 30 degree heat, went the wrong way and ended up quite a way out from home with no water or food. Made my way back eventually and a very nice cafe I stumbled into gave me some water to see me right as I had gotten very dehydrated. I swear, when you are dehydrated iced cold water feels like the equivalent of taking EPO! I went from running 6min/km and wondering how I was going to make it home to finishing the final kilometre at sub 4.30min/km pace Was a good 20km run though, lost nearly 5lb in bodyweight. Not good lol.

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Wooow, such a gorgeous view. I'm jelly =P. I wish powerlifting meets were held in that kind of setting, haha. Glad to hear you're alright man. I got lost on a hike the other week, but fortunately I was carrying plenty of food and water.

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Well I'm a week out from my first marathon in four years. My girls are helping to ease the pain of a punctured eyeball that I sustained during a run in the hills yesterday


Back to hospital in the morning to find out how it is healing and whether or not it needs surgery. Life is all about challenges and overcoming them ~ I have never ran an off road marathon with one eye before !! MF

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Cheers Ross. I was running along a trail and there was a tree branch pointing right at me ~ ran straight into it and it hit the top of my right eye luckily just missing the pupil.


This week's been a funny one, seems to be healing well one day and then the next it's all blurry and watery. Still looking forward to the race, haven't been able to train this week due to my vision, so at least I will be well rested!


Heading out for around an easy 20-25km run tomorrow morning followed by a fasted (and faster) 10-12km run first thing on Friday. Then I leave for Wanaka about 9am Friday morning, it's a long drive from Christchurch so we'll get there sometime Friday afternoon. Race is Saturday morning.


My only goal is to finish sub 5 hours. Tough, hilly course with numerous freezing cold river crossings. Will be great

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Cheers Ross. I was running along a trail and there was a tree branch pointing right at me ~ ran straight into it and it hit the top of my right eye luckily just missing the pupil.

Oh man, that made my balls rise up into my body! Hope it's not too painful and you're recovering.

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DIST: 42.2km

TIME: 5.33:55


AVE HR: 160 bpm

MIN HR: 120 bpm

MAX HR: 190 bpm




AVE SPD: 7.58kph

AVE PCE: 7.54min/km

MAX SPD: 15.5kph

MAX PCE: 3.52min/km


MAX ALT: 2,896ft

MIN ALT: 1,237ft




Just waiting for the official race photos to be uploaded, but I have a few that my friends took





Just enough time to stop for a quick fruit cider on the way down





Pre-race dinner, the others were kind enough to order all vege Thai food just because of me. So lots of tofu, veges and other yummo stuff





I think I chased this guy for a while during one of the more lonely sections of the course

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Cheers Mike, yeah it truly is a stunning run. Shame I didn't quite get to see it with two fully working eyes! I have taken an easy couple of weeks to allow my body to recover, I'm feeling great right now and this weeks runs have been really good.


Just got back from a 6.5km run where I averaged 4.51/km pace ~ felt like an extremely easy pace (almost a little slow to me) so that's promising going into the next block of training. I'll start logging my training again from next week, this downtime is important but I do like having structure and rigidity to my training weeks.


Diet has been on-point, very clean and nutritious and I'm sure that's why I am feeling so good in myself Here's a couple of meals I ate yesterday...





Vege sushi with shiitake mushrooms, seaweed salad





Black pepper 'steak' and steamed veges, bowl of coconut rice

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Looking forward to head out for an hour or two this afternoon to Hagley Park, a beautiful place to run and I believe it's also the second largest park in the world (behind NY's Central Park).





Just about to take the girls to swimming and then we usually pick up some beautiful, freshly made shiitake sushi on the way back home. Man I love the weekends


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Here's a little clip from the promoters of the Motatapu off road marathon









Never underestimate the river crossings !!!!

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Are you doing any lifting these days or just focusing on endurance training? Was watching your training videos earlier to get me fired up for my workout, really good stuff:)

Thanks for checking in mate, hope you liked the videos


Pretty much just running at the moment Rob. Occasionally I'll call in to the gym and do some weights just to keep some sort of muscle definition, but not a patch on what I used to train like. That's why I'm not really logging them right now, I tend to like focusing solely on either the lifting or running and right now my goal is to knock off a fast marathon (well fast for my not-very-fast legs anyway). So after a bit of downtime after the off road marathon I think it's about time to get locked in and serious.


Emphasis now is on continuing to get faster as the distance gets longer, with the goal of being able to hold 5min/km pace for the marathon distance. Plan to get out for a decent length run tonight, hopefully around 20km then I'm meeting a mate in the morning at Hagley Park... let's go




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