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Training for my first 100km mountain race, Jan 2016

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Time to get serious, slow down the beer consumption and venture into the wild to get some km's into my legs again.


Entries have been opened up to past competitors of the St James Ultra with a 10% discount, man I am really eyeing up the 100km race. Think I will enter this week ~ just bought myself a Suunto Ambit3 which I'm hoping will be a motivator to hit the trails. Just have to decide whether I want the blue or the black




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WED 8th JULY: 8.1km

SUN 12th JULY: 7.1km


Yesterday (Sunday) was a great day. Braved the cold and went out and ran in the morning for 35mins, temperature was -3° and extremely icy!




Then around lunch time I took the girls and our dog out exploring; we covered another 5km climbing mountain ledges, crossing gorges and generally having fun

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