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One year vegan.


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Haven't been active much in the forums lately but just wanted to post. I was vegetarian for years and decided I wanted to try vegan but was afraid of the whole protein thing(ugh poor education and societal driven myths can be damning). It was this site that made me at least believe it was possible to get my protein through plants alone. Brainwashing can be hard to get over. It took me a few months being vegan and a lot of learning about veganism to start being less fearful of not getting enough protein. I guess I realize how foolish it was now but at the time it went against everything I was taught.


Just wanted to thank everyone on this site because it was mostly your photos and experiences that gave me enough courage to try being vegan. I know how frustrating it can be sometimes knowing how important something is and having next to no impact when trying to get others to see what you see. You can rest well knowing that you at least helped one person and many animals as a result.


It's been a little more than a year now and I could not be happier. It is the best decision I have ever made and I hope one day that I can help someone in the same way that you have helped me.

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