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Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Strength Table 2014

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Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Strength Table 2014


Lifters ranked by Wilks Coefficient

Weights in Kilograms

Raw lifts - belt, chalk are OK; No suits, wraps, straps, magic genies, etc.



Wilks                                                 Wilks
Rank     Squat    Bench    Deadlift  Total    BW      Coef     Name
394.5    202      125      214.5     541.5    72.7    0.729    VSP
383.5    195      130      245       570      81.9    0.673    Mellon
366.7    130      110      190       430      60.0    0.806    Mini Forklift
346.3    136      92       213       441      66.0    0.785    Scooterpie
339.0    165.5    111      227       503.5    81.8    0.673    jamesxvx
321.3    161      125      227       513      93.6    0.626    MattSxvx
312.4    184      136      200       520      103.4   0.601    Vegan Essentials
308.4    175      115.5    209       499.5    96.6    0.617    asparagus
306.7    195      110      210       515      106.0   0.596    sosso
303.0    132      117      164       413      72.0    0.734    VeganJT666
297.7    167      111.5    199       477.5    94.5    0.624    brispet1
284.0    156.5    93       192.5     442      88.9    0.642    tebriel
283.0    143      127      184       454      94.5    0.628    SunWarrior
277.6    140      100      160       400      78.0    0.694    BT2
276.7    198               215       413      82.5    0.670    carrot topless
274.3    130      80       175       385      75.0    0.713    vegan_rossco
271.3    140      100      180       420      88.0    0.646    VeganHealthFitness
246.2    113      102.25   136.5     351.75   77.0    0.700    karunasagar
178.2    92       70       97        259      79.0    0.688    captfit



Wilks                                                 Wilks
Rank     Squat    Bench    Deadlift  Total    BW      Coef     Name
319.4    93.0     70.5     136.0     299.5    63.6    1.066    jungleinthefrunk
293.0    85.0     45.0     105.0     235.0    52.0    1.247    im.a.little.vegan
288.2    90.5     45.5     122.5     258.5    60.0    1.115    BeansNBroccoli
257.7    100.0    48.0     92.0      240.0    63.0    1.074    Jaakko
249.1    108.0    72.0     101.0     281.0    85.0    0.887    Vegan Aspirant
214.7    85.25    51.25    96.5      233.0    79.0    0.922    VAvikingchick
209.8    70.0     50.0     80.0      200.0    65.0    1.049    Jessica.veggiegirl

Edited by asparagus
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Please reply with your bodyweight and your max squat, bench, and deadlift. The ranking will be done by Wilk's Coefficient (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilks_Coefficient).


Every time your max in one of the lifts goes up, post a new reply and I'll periodically update the table, probably once or twice a week.


The table will be done in kilograms, so please include the lbs or kg tag with your weights so I know which ones to convert. I will round lbs-kg conversions down to the nearest .5 kg for all posts. I am not going to go back through previous postings to amend the table.


If you are like me and don't often test your max lifts, let me know your best set and I'll calculate your max based on Wendler's 1RM formula: 1RM = set weight * reps * 0.0333 + set weight. I know this isn't completely accurate, but it is close enough and this isn't a strict competition table.


Hopefully this will spur some friendly competition among those close in strength levels. Lets keep it civil and fun.


Please post your non-geared lifts only. Belts/chalk are fine, but no suits/straps/wraps please!

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You cannot calculate a barbell bench from what you did with dumbbells, same as you cannot (accurately) derive a 1RM from a rep PB.

Would be like calculating your time for a 200m dash based on your 110m hurdles. It's just not the same.

Well first of all this table isn't just for barbell versions of the lifts or it at least isn't specified that it is. And secondly asparagus has stated that we can use Jim Wendell's calculation method to get our repped lifts to a reasonably accurate weight, it'd always been near enough accurate to me.. not everyone here is able to test maxes very often and don't want to.

If this table was a proper official powerlifting comp or something then of course I wouldn't even suggest it, but I want to get my lifts as accurate as I can to motivate myself to get stronger.


Anyways, I got 75Kg for 8 reps, which calculates at 94Kg. You don't have to change it though mate I don't mind

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Thought this table had the same rules as the one on veganfitness.net except ranking lifters by wilk's score instead of absolute weight.

(didn't read the rules, tbh)


In this case, ignore what I said earlier

(though I would have to have a max bench of 126 kilos, then - did 6 x 105 kg some time ago)

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Cool--really good to see other strong vegans out there! Here's my most current stuff:


Weight - 160lbs/73kg

Squat - 445lbs/202.3kg (based on 405x3 squat)

Bench - 275lbs/125kg (actual tested 1rm)

Deadlift - 472lbs/215kg (based on 405x3 deadlift)

Total - 1192lbs/542kg


All rawz0rs, nothing but regular old clothes.

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I'm pretty sure VSP just hit first hahaha.


Oh snap lol. Looking forward to seeing how this table progresses as time goes on. It makes my heart happy to know there are other vegan lifters out there killing it too.

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VSP - welcome to the forum, table, and top of the list!


Mellon - I'd put down your estimated total if you hadn't tested your max


In any case, this is really just a friendly table. If we just put down competition lifts then a lot less people would participate. I would also rather the table just reflect people who are active in the forum, but then I would have to drop a lot of names from the list and it would look rather pathetic.


There's a lot of really strong people on this table, and I'm happy to be in such company.

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Hi to All

Thanks for this. Great to see likeminded people around

Just started lifting after xmas and here are my maxs based on bodybuilding tracking calcs at bodybuilding com

Weight - 72.2 kg

Squat - 96.5 kg (based on 75x12 squat)

Bench - 66.8 (based on 55 x8)

Deadlift - 117.7 (based on 85 x 12 deadlift)

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Hey everyone - sorry I haven't been keeping up with this stuff lately. I've just updated the table for the last few months of activity (which hasn't been much). There's been some movement in the placing, great lifting Mellon and BnB!


im.a.little.vegan - welcome to the table and to the forums, and good starting numbers.


BuenoNov - welcome to the table and forums, however, before I put you on the table I need to know whether you are male or female!

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