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Please tell me what to do To reshape my body! I'm stuck it that's how I feel!

It seems that I can't get rid of my belly fat, I'm a vegan and the only thing that I eat that I might think that is not so healthy is vegan soy burger , what can I do?

I workout twice a day , I lift weights in the AM , and at night I do a HIIT routine


What am I doing wrong here ?


Any advices will be very appreciated



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I think you look great, but that's not the question you asked. Are you tracking your caloric intake? What about your salt intake? Hydration? Could be you are not eating enough, could be you are eating too much... Could also be genetic (I know that's frustrating - come over here and take a look at my belly). No matter what, even if I cut down to 1,600 calories per day, I cannot lose the last five pounds. Even if I could, would I want to maintain that level? Not sure. Either way, make little tweaks to your diet until you notice the desired result. Training sounds good, even a bit overambitious; 2x/day weights/hiit is pretty brutal. Continue (or start) being patient, and things will happen.


Remember, your body, as a means of survival, is programmed to hold onto that last bit of body fat. The harder you try to lose it, the harder it holds on.

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Thanks for the replays


I know it doesn't show in the picture , but it's really frustrating to work out as hard as I do , and it seems I can't tighten my body up!

I was always skinny with a little fat around my belly area and that is not cute ! Like I'm super skinny (rips showing and all) but have side handles !! Makes me cringe really


I do not count my calories anymore , I get bored of it easily ..

I know my routine sounds like a lot , but I'm going in vacation in 2 months and I want to look fabulous ..

Maybe I'm being impatient since I really only took working out seriously 6 weeks ago .. It seems like I'm putting on pounds even though my measurements says different !

I lost 3 inches of my waist and half inch of my lower belly


I guess that's good but I'm expecting more


It could be genetic I don't know


I just want to see my abs , shape that area that leads to my hips and have some definition


I think I eat too much trying to get a lot of protein ,but also I get nauseous when I eat cause this is very unusual for me


Is there any protein powders that has a high amount of it? My sun warrior is only 19 and it's frustrating cause I really hate drinking it


I do abs almost everyday , I used to do them weighted but then I got afraid that my waist would appear larger ?



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i usually take pea protein powder twice a day.

i have kind of the same problem with my belly fat, because i used to be overweight and now all my body is hard and with nice muscles except my hips and belly (kinda look deformed), but i guess it is a problem that will go away with the time if you had my same experience.

you shouldnt make abs everyday, you should treat them like every other muscle and they need recovery too, so i guess 2-3 times per week is ok. and thats true is even about genetic, my boyfriend has muscle abs without even working them.


ps why dont you try with 1 day of fasting per week?

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Yes, it could be genetic. Presumably, you want to look fabulous on the beach for... other people? I don't mean to offend, but that might be a little misguided, and potentially emotionally destructive. That position won't necessarily help or hinder you from reaching your goal, but if it were me, I'd resign myself from the expectation that I will have a six pack in two weeks. I believe they take much MUCH longer. In fact, it took me nearly two years of training five to six times per week, and a strict diet, to even see my lats from the front. Keep in mind, I also lost 90 pounds in the interim, so I had a lot further to go.


Nevertheless, I sympathize with your feelings of frustration.


I'd be willing to guess that you're already going to look better than the majority of beachgoers anyhow.


Nevertheless, if you are dead set on your goal, which I completely understand, I believe the adage is that "abs are made in the kitchen." Some people believe in protein powder . . . I, for one, do not. I found that they made me bloated/gassy/uncomfortable, and I rarely saw benefits, if at all. If I were you, I'd focus more on whole foods, especially fruits with diuretic properties (grapes, watermelon, citrus, etc.). Plus, it is more likely than not detrimental to train abs every day. With constant training, you are not allowing time for the muscles to repair - therefore, you are inhibiting growth. Also, if you find the number on the scale increasing, you are either putting on muscle, or consuming too many calories.


I am of the opinion that people who adopt competition style diets/regimen do so with the specific intention that they are short term processes. In other words, those who strive to have six packs, striations, and clearly visible veins, typically do so with the intention of maintaining that physique for a short period of time (i.e. long enough to reach competition day).

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I never tried pea protein so I'll look more into it now


I do want to look great because it's my honeymoon pictures , I been married for a year and our honeymoon got delayed , so it's a anniversary/honeymoon pictures , bikinis and all


My husband tells me be patient and results will come , but I guess I'm really expecting a 6 pack and a V line in 2 weeks haha unrealistic I know but I'm impatient that that


My husband says he is seeing muscles , and I do notice my arms when I flex them has a little itty bitty muscle ,

But with my excessive workout plan I'm afraid that I will lose more weight and my belly stays the same ..and trust me that's the last thing I want

And my goal to become a bikini model in 2 years .. It seems so hard for me right now and I never expected to ever be even considering this , but it's a promise I made for my self and my husband and my imaginary future babies


Also I DO want to show people that vegans rock !


I'll keep posting progress photos till my honeymoon and you guys tell me if you notice a difference

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  • 2 weeks later...

Firstly, you look great!


Secondly, if what you're doing is good at maintaining the results you have so far, cool.


Thirdly, got 60 days to really hit it hard for vacation. Nice.


I think you need to mix up your routine from what you've been doing HIIT is very good. What kinda program are you doing?


You can spice up your routine with lots of things that A) really target your core, B) can be free, and C) will work your whole body in the same 45-60 min period.


Throw a few things out there.....

- Yoga, not just the striking poses part but the workout part with lots of downward/upward dogs, planks, transition into poses. Challenges your core, really targets your shoulders, arms and of course flexibilty. Different than HIIT, but if you find the right program you will be spent at the end of it.


- Les Mills Combat/Kickboxing type workouts. Some cost a lot (Les Mills), some you can find excellent examples online for free (or for cheap..check out www.ckotrainer.com). If you don't have a bag to hit available, you can get some 4lb weighted gloves from walmart for like $12.00. These kind of workouts are high intensity, but work your back/shoulders/arms/abs in different, but all around ways. I never had abs until starting in late 2013 by doing these types of workouts. Torso twisting motion of proper jab/cross/upper/hook with proper kicking action works your abs as well as the rest. And burns tons of carbs.


(note: None of this is me selling anything...just sharing what has worked for me!)


And maybe you need to tweak your diet for 2 months to really make most impact from your workouts?


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You don't count calories which is fine, but maybe you could keep a record of what you eat for a couple of weeks? You might realise you eat bit too much for your goals and you'll have a better ideas of your macros, which would allow to tweak them if necessary.


Then again, I would not worry too much. You look just fine

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Thank you so much for all the replies (and compliments ) I appreciate it a lot


I'm actually doing Weights at the gym each morning , then at night I'm doing *Insanity* !

It's very hard & brutal but i still haven't lost one pound ?! Matter of fact I have gained 3 pounds but I'm assuming its muscle because as I mentioned before that my measurements says that I lost many inches .


I just finished my first month of insanity & entered the "recovery week" & I'm so excited about it .


And now I officially have only 35 days till my honeymoon & something needs to happen fast


I did keep a log of what I eat , & everything seemed fine & my calories are all from clean eating .


The crazy thing is I notice changes everywhere in my body so fast ! I tried on some dresses I have & I noticed a lot of difference everywhere ..just not my belly area ugh


I'll try to eat less next month & see if anything changes , this is the last thing I want to do because I'm really small & I don't want to lose more weight but this is my last solution .


35 days to go & I'll keep pushing hard & of course I'll keep you posted


(By the way Sorry if I make mistakes typing or wording my posts, English is not my first or second language , more like third )

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If you've got your training and your nutrition checked, then it's just a matter or patience I guess.

Have you tried to cycle carbs? Helped me gaining some definition within weeks.


No one would guess English is your third language!

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might suggest you check out Mike Dolce (of Dolce diet). He works with UFC as trainer/nutritionist.


So, I know for me, regardless of what exercise routine I'm doing (or not) ranging from P90X to Les Mills Combat to weight training to (in my opinion the best one for me) Krav Maga, I too can see the impacts around my middle depending on what I eat. Not as simple as carbs/rubbish or no carbs/rubbish but really, specific types of carbs even while keeping all other things the same.


If you're good with all the rest of you, maybe try a 30-day juice cleanse? BUT, doesn't mean 30 days of fruit juices, you'll need micronutrient rich drinks/smoothies (call it what you will). I have a MagicBullet aka Nutribullet that is fantastic. TONS of veg, dark leafy greens, some fruit, and pretty much whatever else you like from the complete nutrient list. 0 processed foods for 30 days. From pasta to potato chips. Avoid wheat and dairy (dunno if you're vegan or vegetarian). Get creative with things like ground flaxseeds, powdered pea protein (NOW makes a good product I got from bodybuilding.com) and you can use some unexpected ingredients like avocado (protein and omega3s).


Sounds insane but maybe up your routine further still for 30 days. Add in a mid-day run?


Something I don't really subscribe to, but seems to make sense, is the premise that it isn't only what you eat, but when you eat. Ranges from don't eat anything after the sun's gone down to when to have your biggest meal of the day or to graze and have like 5 meals spreadout.


Mike Dolce at seminar I went to talked about general philosphy of eating, that being: "Eat for what you just did, or what you are going to do". Meaning, if you've just blasted your body with exercise, or are getting ready to later, you need to either replenish what you just burned so the body can repair/restore/rejuvenate or fuel up with appropriate balance of nutrients to fuel your workout (different depending on whether you're needing to fuel a 45-60min Insanity session (or as I've learned) fueled up for endurance work like 1.5 hour Krav Maga blowout).


Lastly, I don't believe counting calories or counting grams of fat or grams of carbs, but more about avoiding highly processed anything (to include highly processed veggie/vegan stuff like veggieburgers) if trying to get cut before your honeymoon. Focus on the nutrients, lots and lost of dark leafy greens, beans, fruits, etc. and of course water. You should have all the energy you need, feel satisfied and maybe see a difference?


I'm not a nutritionist, just a bit of a health nutter and have read and tried different combos of things that worked for me. I didn't have honeymoon to prep for but rather to get in best shape of my life as hit 45yrs and mission accomplished!! (and still in progress because it's a part of my lifestyle vs a diet or one-and-done thing for me).

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  • 4 weeks later...

Ok check out my progress I'm the abdominal area so far I'm leaving for my vacation in 7 days only! Still have one week & I'll push harder , I stopped insanity at 7 weeks, my heart wasn't on it anyways & it was interfering my daily life,plus I was doing it with my husband & he stopped so with having no partner I quit too,anyways I still lift weights 5 times a week & do cardio 3 times a week for half an hour ,I'm taking more protein & eating less fruits? I was eating lots of bananas before & now replaced it with apples, I'm not good with following diets,I just eat 5 times a day,clean & healthy ,

I don't know if a lot can change in a week but of course I'll update again


Oh yes I forgot to say my measurements ,

I lost 1 inch for my lower belly.

4 from my waist in the last 2 month .


& I gained 1 pound in weight .



What you think of my progress so far? Do you even notice a change?


Thank you

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