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What routine are you running?

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We haven't had a post in a while, mainly because I don't think there's a lot of powerlifters or strongmen on here.


But, what is everyone using as their routines lately? It's interesting to find what people are using, and what's working.


I'm running the smolov Jr for both my squat and bench. A week and a half in and I'm repping more weight than before and I'm feeling more comfortable on the bench.

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The last program I ran was The Cube Method and I really liked it. Simple, adaptable and I always felt energised and ready to go for every workout. To me it was like Wendler's 5/3/1 on steroids, not that his stuff is inferior but I just believe the gains from 5/3/1 come a lot slower and steadier than they do with The Cube.

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Well, I'm waiting for an improvement I'm the weather so I can squat and deadlift outside in my garden haha. When I can I'm going to implement 5/3/1 for my squats and deadlifts (I'm desperate to increase my deadlift strength) whilst other lifts I'll stick to a higher range of reps like I am currently.

Il take a peek at smolov jr!

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