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Slow road to Recovery

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So. A new start needed. Since suffering with Lumbar Lordosis (as you can probably see) and a compressed nerve STILL trapped in my hip, over the past 6 months my exercise was reduced to 0 and muscles left in exchange for flab where i've barely been able to walk let alone workout.

So....Starting again slllllooowwly to continue to correct the Lordosis and hopefully by some miracle untrap the nerve in my hip i've had for over a year and a half.

Plan: pilates, walking, increase grip and forearm strength as I've virtually none! And go from there........so embaressing quick images I've just taken to show my starting point.



Breakfast: 3 cups of green tea and bottle of water

Lunch: A mashed sweet potato and couple of slices of smoked tofu.

Orange juice and more water.

2 hour walk with my doggy

Sneaky small glass of wine thats as far as I've got :-P J inyend to do 30 mins of core pilates exercises and have no idea wgat to eat for dinner yet :-/


Anyway. This is my first journal entry.

Any tips? Recipes or advise most wecome. Thanks.

Tef x

P.s. excuse the wonky pictures! Stoopid phone!




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Hi Tefnut,


I'd have to echo what the guys said, look great T:)


Have you ever tried using static holds T?


I've had my fair share (actually unfair share lol) of injuries, a few years ago when my knee and back were really playing up something shocken, so i began to look for ways to work around the problem. The answer was static holds, holding the resistance in the position of full contraction or on compound movements such as leg presses or chest press machine, holding the resistance in the position of maximum motor arm. These allowed me to avoid the positions of dis-advantaged leverage that caused irritation, while still providing a sufficient stimulus.


Here is the link explaining the max pyramid protocol http://www.bodybyscience.net/home.html/?p=843


And here's some videos of it...


Hope these helps

Best Rob

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No I've not tried that, thanks manatee! Tis a good idea as its repetition I struggle with atm. As the lordosis has basically effectdd my whole right hand dide including my right arm and neck. I can do stretches and lift things but not over and over. So static hold might be the way to go. Thanks I'll give it a try

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I had a compress nerve issue similar to yours, I did physical therapy for 6 months and I havent had any problems since. Its been 9 years. Besides yoga, stretching, and back strengthening exorcises, I found that low impact activities like walking and swimming really helped me. The less sitting in a chair the better. Yoga ball instead of chair at the office, with lots of mini walk breaks.

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So...nearly a week down....I don't think much change....I'm a little less bloated and have been extremely fatigued. Felt better after eating my homemade lasagne yesterday. I've found considerabley lowering my calorie intake and cutting out carbs doesn't suit me at all. Made me fatigue and depressed.

Done a few more hour doggy walks and 3 more pilates sessions. (Was my birthday this week so I've naughtily had a fair bit of chocolate passed 2 days).

(Excuse the messy dressing room I'm currently rearranging it)

Anyway....today more green tea for breakfast, going to have another pup walk and salad and my high iron pasta dish again


My vege lasagne layered with my newly invented kale white sauce and spinich pasta sheets (and some regular)


Flab update


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