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VeganDamo reintroduced


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Hi everyone


Wanted to reintroduce myself. I've been on here on & off for the last couple of years, & if you've seen my posts in my journal, have fallen off the training wagon a few times.

2014 is my year to get serious. I've been really disheartened with my lack of perseverance in the past, but both my wife & I have made a pact that we will get back in shape this year. We're making a trip to the USA this year to see family which is a bit of a motivator too.

Anyway, I've begun exercising regularly and want to get into a routine before I head back to work so that I can maintain it. At 134lbs, I'm not big & definitely not overweight, so my training is about losing the comfort fat around my middle that I've acquired and bulking up with more muscle.



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Good to get back on that wagon! Go 2014. Funny, you're coming to USA later this year, we're hoping to get to visit some friends in NZ maybe in the fall! house swappers! haha! I've long struggled after that routine to attack the middle bit, and maybe even have some semblance of a 3-6 pack! Found my groove now! Getting an awesome overall effect working out, mixed in with some kickboxing on the bag (and krav maga too!). Can share some exercises to mix it up for you if you like!

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Some extra or different exercises would be cool. I'm now a bit over 2 weeks back into exercising. It's interesting & slightly depressing to see how much strength I've lost. Can just manage 4 chin-ups when I'm fresh. Used to easily knock out 10. Gonna drag my TotalGym out & have somewhere where I can set it up quickly. In the past that's been my biggest obstacle. If I can't start my training quick then I'll lose interest.

I've been doing whole body workouts but I think I'll go back to target areas each day or every 2nd day. Sometimes I feel like the whole body still focuses on one area a bit more than others.

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Sorry, been away a bit.


Good for trying. I think if you can power through the first 30 days you'll stick with it.


Strength can fade over time, esp with things that we don't typically do on a regular, daily life basis like pull ups.


We're all pretty familiar with the traditional targeted exercises: bench/shoulder press, push/pull ups, squats, etc. Me, much better at some, worse at others and some I just hate to do. (yeah, I said that!).


But finding what excites you is gonna be key. Running? gym? DVDs? Fighting? Cardio? somewhere in there should be something that you're particularly interested in, so that even on the low motivation days you can manage to bang something out.


For me, some stuff produces more immediate results. Chest exercise for example, seems to show more immediate results than say squats (which A. I don't really like nor am very good at, and B. unless done regularly seems to be stuck in same place, and then we're back to A.). haha!


I think I've found what works best for me in cardio/fighting (see Les Mills Combat, KickboxingHeavyBagWorkout.com, or Krav Maga). Seems to rip up my body while doing 'something else', and seems more practical, every day, endurance strength.

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Thanks for your reply.

I've always had trouble building up my legs, but have always been pretty good at squats, lunges, leg press etc. This time around I'm actually starting to see slight definition starting in my thighs, which I'm liking.

My "7" minute workout has been good. Some days I've done a double circuit. Then I got sick, (still am) but I'm happy to say that I've stuck with my "7" daily, just one circuit though.

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