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Any Muay Thai/MMA fighters on here?

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Hi, all! I recently took action and started eating vegan, although my ethics have always lined up with not causing suffering... So far, it's been a week, and I feel great!


I fight Muay Thai and really am looking to lose weight while eating vegan. I was wondering how to go about this and how much I should eat? I'm 21, 5'2", and currently 128 pounds but want to go down to 112 in order to fight in a lower weight class. (Please don't start telling me how this is "unhealthy", 112 is a healthy weight for someone my height). If you compete or train vigorously, please let me know how veganism has affected your training!


Also, in the wintertime, I always seem to gain weight. I am around 115-120 pounds in the summertime, but once it starts turning cold I gain weight even if I eat the same (sometimes less) and exercise more. I take vitamin D supplements, and have always eaten unprocessed foods. What's the deal with this?

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