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big torso thin arms

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i am getting obsessed by this.

i have a large torso for nature, but my arms are so thin next to it that looks deformed.

i train with aba bab mode, and train my biceps on a days with barbell curls and triceps on b days with french press. without counting all row movement exercises like barbell row etc.

i am training since 4 months and a half and currently my maximum of weight lifting in barbell curls is 35-40 kg.

is it normal at the beginning and this problem will go away with time and reaching higher weights? or do i need to make isolated day only for arms?

my currently workout schedule is this one.



Squat 5x5

Leg press 3x10

Barbell bench 5x5

Dumbbell flat bench flies 3x10

Barbell row 5x5

Barbell curls 5x5

abs with 10 kg weight 5x20



Deadlift 5x5

Leg curl 3x10

Dumbbell shoulder 3x10

Lateral raise 3x10

Lat machine 5x5

French press 5x5

Calf raise 3x15

abs with 10kg weight 5x20

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i read a few articles about torso dominance and most of the time they give as advice to make isolated workout for parts. so aba bab is not working really good. so i found this schedule basically created to build more the arms, so the volume of the workout every week gets higher to end the last week with a easier and relaxed workout.tell me what do you think about it.

1st week


triceps biceps:

tightgrip bench press 3x5

-------------------- 3x8

dumbell extension tricep 3x8

cable pulling-tricep 3x8

barbell curl 3x5

---------- 3x8

hammer curl 3x15

french press 3x10




squat 5x5

leg press 3x10

leg curl 3x10

calf raise 3x15

abs with weights 5x20




barbell row 5x5

deadlift 5x5

pulley 3x10

lat machine 4x6

abs with weights 5x20




dumbell shoulder 3x10

lateral raise 3x10

arnold press 3x10

bench press 5x5

dumbell flat bench flies 3x10

cable cross 3x10

barbell shrugs 3x10



2nd week



wed: rest





3/4/5 weeks:









6th week:

mon: chest/abs






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By the sounds of it, your not obsessed by this, but painfully confused...


These type of routines and articles are usually written by people who have absolutely NO CLUE, with regards to exercise physiology.


Are you really thinking of performing heavy squats and leg presses on a tuesday, then heavy deadlifts, rows etc the very next day?


Eden, its a simple biological law, that as you grow stronger, so to, do the stresses on your limited recovery ability, so as you grow stronger, you dont require more training, you require LESS training. Those who fail to make peace with this fact, well see the progress grind to a halt.

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15-20 years ago, my thinking was similar to your own, that is, i "felt" like the wasn't doing enough. Little did i know that even though i was performing just one direct biceps exercise, and one direct triceps movement, i was actually overtraining. It wasn't until i eliminated ALL direct arm work did my arms actually begin to signs of improvement.

The arms receive more than enough stimulation from compound movements such as underhand pulldowns/chins, heavy rows, high pulls, dips, bench presses, shoulder presses etc, to then add additional direct arm work in many cases is just too much. The only time i actually use direct arm work now, is when i'm using pre-exhaustion on the larger muscle groups (as less weight can be employed on the compound movement).


In general Eden, i always found that the less exercise i do (within reason), with greater intensity of effort, the better the results, and even though i "feel" i could do more, i don't, as the purpose of going to the gym is to stimulate growth, not to see how much we can endure. Stimulate, rest and grow!


The most productive program I've found for my arms was this Bill Sahli (a world class hit trainer with 45 years experience) powerbuilding routine, in fact i myself return to using a very similar routine every so often.


Workout A PUSH

1. Weighted Dips

2. Close-grip Bench

3. Squat or Leg Press


Workout B PULL

1. Deadlifts

2. Rows or High Pulls

3. Underhand Pulldowns or Chins


* 4-7 days between workouts (to allow for full systemic recovery)

* After warm-up sets, perform just one set to failure per movement

* Salt in some "high stress" techniques, such as static holds, partial reps, rest pause etc (no more than one of these techniques per workout)

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I added weighted dips and reverse curls to my chest/arm day three weeks ago and I have already gained a half inch. Crazy and hard to believe but it worked. Also, I do my curls standing up with absolutely NO shoulder or elbow movement. It is too easy to cheat on curls, keep them elbows tucked in and move slow and controled.

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