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Insanity workout / knock knees

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Hi everyone =)


So after my exams I wanna do the Insanity workout because it's been 3 months I workout everyday , 6 days a week and I don't see as much results as I would like (except on my arms, but yeah for a girl that's not the part I wanna improve the most). So I think Insanity would be a great challenge for me, but I have knock knees. It doens't hurt me at all when I do sport but I have to be careful to my positions. For example when I squat, I need to be careful because my knees want to go inside xD .


So anyone did Insanity before ? Do you think I can do it ?


Thanks =)



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hey, i dont know much about knock knees, but i think the best thing to do would be just to go through the movements for a few workouts with out going all out and just see how you feel. take it really gently and build up the intensity rather than going all out and possibly hurting yourself straight away. if you find that it isnt possible for you to do it then im sure you could find something that would burn calories and tone you up the same. maybe you could do weight training circuits or high intensity interval cardio on a bike or rower or what ever equipment you like.



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