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Vegan Competition Diet Plan - Want Some Feedback


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Hi All,


I am new to this forum and while I am very new to a vegan lifestyle I hopping someone could help me out or point me to an expert with regards to my nutritional program I designed myself.


I am a natural bodybuilder that has competed while on an animal protein plan and while I did very well I had lots of problems with my digestion most of the time leaving me feeling heavy and out of energy.


Since I switched to a high raw plant based diet I have found my recovery and stamina greatly improved and while I was having one meal a day with animal protein I have decided I want to give the vegan lifestyle a chance because it makes me feel so much better.


I have attached a copy of my diet and I would appreciate any advice on ways I can improve it for optimal fat loss. I can give out further details of my body composition if need be. I am not sure if the amount of fruit I consume is a problem,

I may have to hike my calories up a bit more as I am often having to eat more because my metabolism is fast.


Thanks in advance.





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Hi Mini Forklift,


I see your a regular on here


I am wanting to get my vegan nutrition right to keep very lean, how different is your nutrition plan?

Quite different I think! I wouldn't have a clue with the amounts/weight of food that I eat, I basically just eat regularly and try to make sure I never let myself get hungry. My rules are pretty simple ~ lots of varied & colourful foods, lots of organic fruits & veges, keep the water intake up and relook at things if I feel I am not recovering from my training adequately enough.


My staple foods that I eat on a regular basis would tend to be...




split and whole lentils

beans (kidney, pinto etc)



oat/rice/soy/almond milk


mixed raw nuts

pea protein (I have used NuZest for the last year)









juicing with fruits & veges (beetroot, carrot, apple, berries, kale and citrus juice is awesome)

TVP (textured vegetable protein)

soy burgers, sausages etc

shitloads of fruit and veges, salads, greens etc.



I've never used an online nutrition/diet programme but I don't think I would have any problems meeting my protein requirements I'll take some tips from you though Nic as this year I really want to start eating more raw foods; I feel like I need to start putting more emphasis on that now.


Keep up the great work, VBB is really lucky to have you on here MF.

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