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I have no idea how to attain my dreams regarding being a vegan fitness role model, as well as where to find support in attaining this dream. I have been looking into personal trainers and they all give me the talk about whey protiens and how I will never achieve such a goal as a vegan. I dont care what they say - because yes, I am interested in bodybuilding and yes, I am fully committed in reaching this goal as a vegan. I am hoping this forum will help me make the connections I need to reach this goal as well as find my purpose in life. I want to have a career that reflects my beliefs and compassionate self. I am tired of working for companies that do not value positive life choices and healthy lifestyles. I started reading Robert Cheeke's Bodybuilding book and he has such a positive outlook - he knew what he wanted to do from the very beginning and went for it. I just can't seem to break through into the fitness world... I just don't know how to do so... how to network and get my foot in the door... which I know is me keeping myself back - subconsciously, maybe? Not reaching out enough.. Not being stubborn enough...


But here I am... hoping for guidance. Hoping for support. Hoping to move forward with my dreams... I just do not know where to start. I wish I lived in a different town where health, veganism, and strength training was more common. I wish I had a job where vegans werent made fun of and fitness was encouraged... But I dont -- so hello online world, here I am. Ready to move forward with my life and start making changes.


My name is Pamela and I am delighted to meet every one on this forum.

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Hi Pamela! I just want to say "Hi" and "welcome." I'm in pretty much the same boat you are, and understand your frustration. I feel I could do so much more, but don't know how. My only advice (not that I'm an expert, by any means) would be to keep doing what you can. Believe in yourself, and you will get to where you want to go. (I should follow my own advice ... lol.) The people on this forum are very kind, and an offer a lot of insight. Keep going! And if you need a listening ear ... you have it.

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