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Difficulties in find information in my country. Help me ??


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Hello dears,


first please very sorry my english, I'm Brazilian, I don't speak english, just understand little.


In Brazil I can't find powder protein and is very hard find information of Vegans, I'm vegan 9 month ago, but I'm have 48kg and 1.74 cm ... before vegan I was 48kg too, I'm very very thin.


Yesterday I bought Hemp Protein Nutiva + Creatine Now Foods in website from USA, I will receive in 20 ... 30 days.



Please can help me ?


Is very hard I find this informations and I don't wanna be anemic, here I find very much fruit and pea, bean, rice, corn, chickpea and others.



I don't wanna eat gluten and soy.



Please, someone can help me a make diet rich in proteins and nutrients ??



Thank you very much!!!

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uhm hemp protein are not really high on proteins to use as a supplement, as far as i know and from brands i watched.

is there a reason you dont want to take gluten and soy? are you allergic?

i dont think you will get anemic, just eat a lot of legumes, nuts and even pure chocolate could help. if you will get good amounts of food in its varieties you will not have problem about iron or anemia.


if you dont want to get gluten use:

rice, quinoa, barley, spelled, oat they are really good healthy cereals and carbs and full of essential aminoacids so if you combine them with legumes you can have a good amount of proteins.


about soy:

in a vegan powerlifter/bodybuilder diet soy is one of the most used protein source, and because of its varieties of productions, from tofu to soy meat, burgers, sausages etc.

but at this point you can get proteins from seeds, nuts (almonds, etc), and legumes.

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Thank you!


I'm not allergic, but gluten and soy in Brazil no is good, is transgenic soy and I really don't wanna eat gluten.


Any companys sell soy organic, but really is transgenic.



This product Nutiva is 15g Protein per 30g powder, right ? Do you know powder better ?? I see Rice Protein, is 12g Protein per 15g powder, so 24g protein in 30g powder rice, this is true ??



Please if possible can said about any product vegan powder free soy with good protein ??



Thank you very much!!!

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You can find much information over facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/musculacaovegana/

Some Isolate Soy Protein Powders are NON GMO, such as http://www.ciadonatural.com.br/ecommerce_site/produto_15947_6290_Proteina-isolada-de-soja-100g


You can find Rice Protein Here: http://www.topbody.com.br/Buscar/no-site/rice/0-p1.html

Unfortunatelly is unavailable at the moment, but they will soon restock.


And recently I started a Brazillian Portuguese website: www.musculacaovegana.com.br

There you will be able to find an article published here in the veganbodybuilding.com website, but translated to portuguese, where there is a sample meal plan.


If you need more help just ask

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I can buy quinoa ... no is very expensive, is like U$12.00 per 200g.


I just can buy in websites with international shipping and PayPal, example: Ebay, Bodybuilding, Healthdesigns and Evitamins.


I tried buy Tru-Food Now Foods Vegan, this product: http://www.evitamins.com/tru-food-vegan-now-34274#.Uvrxs_ldVCg Sorry, I really don't know if is good show others website in forum.



This product is good ??


Please, what pea protein powder is better ?? Is possible show me any company and name of product ??



This forum is very good, thank you for patience!



Thank you very much!!!

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