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Dougs road to 1800+ Multiply at 198

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Have gone fully Vegan and will now keep an online training journal here

Will only keep track of main movements on this page as the bodybuilding training is

a lot to write down.


Feb 1, 2014

Full gear squat with no knee wraps



Feb 3, 2014

Full gear deadlift

500X2, 515X1


Feb 5, 2014

Bench shirted Rage X

500X1 to a 2 board

500X2 to a 3 board


Feb 8, 2014

Suit bottoms straps down knees wrapped


Reverse average band



Feb 9, 2014

ran the Spartan race not powerlifting but good cardio and conditioning

2 hrs 1 minute


Taking a mini deload in prep for a circa max

Feb 12, 2014

Reverse average band bench

405X1 for 3 sets

Note: body is still trashed from the Spartan race

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Circa max 1- Feb 16, 2014

not actually prepping for a meet, but the team I train with is so I'm taking the time to set a PR

Suit bottoms on, straps down no knee wraps

Straight bar VS an Average Band and Light band (around 220lbs of tension at the top)

work up to 515X1 and 525X1 (15lb PR)


Video link to 525

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Lower body accessories Feb 17, 2014

Deloading for circa 2 on Friday

Walking lunges 20 steps 60lbs x 2

Leg extension 80x20 reps, 90x 15 reps

Calf raises 90x 20 x 2 sets

Leg curls 70x 20 reps, 85 x 12 reps

Reverse hyper 150x 12 reps, 230 x 12 reps

Standing banded abs light band x 15 reps forward and side x 2 reps

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Circa max

Briefs, suit on straps down,

Vs average and light band (around 225 at the top)

Worked to a new PR of 525lbs of bar weight.




Didn't realize I posted this training before. But I don't know how to delete. So just disregard

Edited by DougTice
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Me bench

Searching for a good opener with a rage x

Really over shot I've done 440 in single ply but multiply is a different beast

Failed at 480 right on the chest and 460 at the top

Bad day


Feb 21, 2014

Normally for a comp you would do circa 2. But I'm no competing. Just having fun

Full geared squat to a high box 655x2

Link to video



Feb 23, 2014

Bench opener again since a rage x specialist was in town

Goal was to touch the lightest weight possible.

Touched and pressed 370lbs

It took 27 seconds to come down. Haha

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Accessories feb 24, 2014

Calf raises

90x 20, 140 x 20

Leg curl

80x 15, 80 x 14

Safety bar free squat

155x 5, 205 x 5

Standing banded abs

Light band front 20, 20

Side 15 each side for two sets


Accessories Feb 25, 2014

Seated row 80x 12 for 3 sets

Lat pulldown 80x 12 for 3 sets

Shoulder horn 12lb db each arm 15 reps

15lb each arm 8 reps

Cable lateral raise 10lbs x 12 for 2 sets

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Skipped ME upper work as I was still feeling low energy from donating blood


ME lower 1 Mar 2014 Circa 3

Work up to low box free weight with briefs only 50% of

Max squat


This is the last squat in my delayed transformation phase so if I was doing a meet

Next week I would be peaked for 700+. Don't know if I will try to squat the day before the meet that

I am posting but we will see

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