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The Brutal Truth

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Here is the brutal truth of where i'm at today. I am 14st 10lbs and 30% body fat. I have been eating well for six weeks and initially lost 7lbs in the first two weeks but haven't lost since. I did change my diet after two weeks by introducing two protein shakes a day.


My diet is usually:


Nuts breakfast

protein shake mid morning

tofu salad lunch

cashew nut green curry dinner

protein shake

1 day off a week.


I want to get to about 12% body fat and still build muscle so anyone who has done the same or can offer advice, it's really appreciated.




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Here is what has worked for me and is accepted approach of weight loss.


1. Figure out your base caloric needs.



2. Figure out what your needs are for your base + activity level.



3. Ensure you are eating under that total daily. Start by cutting it by 500 calories and see how that works. There is variation in everyone so you might want to move that number up or down depending on your results.


The big thing to remember is that it takes time to lose the weight and it honestly seems like it takes forever. You will go through periods where you don't feel like you are making any progress and other times when it seems to be great. Avoid weighing in more than once a week and don't let bad numbers on any given week get you down.


I dropped from 202 lb and 22% body fat to 172 and 14% but it took 9 months and there were certainly times when it was I felt like a stalled but in the end I got there.


I did photos at the start of each month and found that helped because day to day I didn't see the slow changes in my body but when I looked over months It was clearly there. Photo of results posted so you know I am not blowing smoke.

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Great thanks. I'll take this onboard and see how I get on. I've lost weight the wrong way in the past (i.e starving myself) but this time i'm determined to build muscle and it's a life long change. I'll do a photo each month to track progress.


vegantri, how long had you been doing weights on those photo's? Even the first photo you've great definition, how long did that take and did you have natural toning when you started out? Fantastic progress though so thanks for the tips.



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At the start I wasn't working out at all. It was there first year of fatherhood and I was mostly not sleeping and eating like crap. Any muscle at the start was from lifting a kid and home rennovation.


During the process of getting back into shape I followed this lifting plan:



People are critical of premade plans but my goal wasn't to be huge and anything was better than nothing. I also ran/jogged 4-5 times a week.


It was a year long project but I was comfortable with how I was looking around the 6 month period.


Again, it is a process and it takes time and can feel like forever. Persistence and dedication are your friends.

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Blimey, well you've obviously got natural tone which unfortunately I don't have. Another time consuming issue I have is trying to use free weights with the right technique. I'm okay with chest, legs but back is more difficult for me still. Can't manage pull ups yet so trying to master dumbbell row whilst keeping form.


Also need to build the intensity, i'm fine with the first major muscle but after that i'm done and easily retire.


One things for sure though, i'm going to reach my goal!

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Hey why don't you try insanity ? My husband lost 20 pounds in 7 weeks! Of course he was weight training as well but we both stopped doing it , it was very hard & boring but you might like it?


I lost 0 pounds! Even though I'm vegan & my husband isn't , he only eats chicken & brown rice.

I thought I would disappear doing insanity but to my surprise I didn't , even thought I concider my self to eat much healthier than him

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