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when stop bulking and start cutting


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i know almost everything about the things to eat and dont eat when it is time to enter in the cutting phase, but when is the time to start?

i am actually in the bulking phase, i try to eat as much as i can going over 3000 kcal when i train, and i see a good change in the form but i feel like it is never enough i want to become bigger, my aim is to start the cutting phase on june maybe and get my body form cleaner, but when is the right time? when you know is the time to cut or to keep on bulking? do you alternate bulking and cutting with season cycles? want to share your experiences?


ps sorry if this topic maybe was already active

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My personal experience is that you should only start cutting when you are huge. Don`t start on a preset date, start when you feel you are ready.


I started cutting four months ago, when I thought I had enough muscle to do so, it was a terrible mistake and I ended up losing much more muscle than I should.

Now I will start bulking again and I will bulk until I gain something like 30 lbs.


So, my advice is, start cutting as late as possible =)

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