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Best breakfasts =D

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Since I started being vegan, breakfast began my favourite meals of the day and I love to discover new recipes ! When I think that before I was never taking a breakfast .. I was crazy xD ! I have most of the time porridge with fruits and seeds but I found two blogs that I love and I wanted to share with you guys :


http://breakfastcriminals.com (I did already almost all their recipes and everytime it's awesome !!)

http://therawfoodsisters.com/recipes/ (this one is not only about breakfast but I love it!)


Enjoy =)

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For myself my breakfasts usually are either oat cereal and almond milk or a peanut butter and banana sandwich, but if I'm in the mood for something hearty, a gram flour ommlette is where its at.


Also sometimes I crave toast with olive oil and a spread of avocado sprinkled with real salt. Pretty damn tasty and easy and quick.

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