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Arrow in the knee, need to rethink training schedule.

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Hi everyone,


A couple of weeks ago I took a shock in the left knee - namely landing heavily on my left leg after running up some stairs, just for the fun of it " title="Applause" />

I spent the day limping but was fine the day after and I could resume training as usual.


My last long run yesterday went well, but since I've been stranded at home with symptoms similar to the runner's knees'.

I'm planning to take a week off running and I've got 4 long run sessions left before my first marathon.


My longest run so fars has been 18 miles, should I still try to have a 22 miler as I had planned, assuming I recover well?

Or should I stick to shorter runs like a half marathon, and then start tapering?

Any advice or feedback is welcome


Thanks for reading!

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I had a physiotherapy session today for my back, next one is for my knee


It's not going too bad though : I stopped all running for a full week, doing easy strength training only.

Then started easy cardio sessions, mixing crosstraining, rowing and cycling.

Added to that a 30mn run this Monday, then another 40mn yesterday, knee's still fine and getting stronger I believe.


I've got 3 weeks left before the marathon, I'll be extra careful and hopefullt able to complete it.

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Feeling ok, thanks.

Tested a bit of tempo tonight but not ready for a faster pace yet.

I'll keep on wotking on hills and endurance + cross-training, and try not to lose too much strength.

Really looking forward to the race

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Sorry to read of this buddy.


So a couple of weeks to go, personally I would just try to keep things turning over but don't concern yourself with trying to cram in any long runs now. The adrenaline and excitement of the day will (well, should) get you to the finish line. Do other activities allow you to train pain free? What I am meaning is that you could do shorter runs and then maybe top up the time on a X-Trainer, bike etc.


Will keep an eye on how you are going, I'm sure you will come right soon. All the best for the race MF.

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Thanks for the feedback! I've been indeed having shorter runs (30-40mn) with a bit of rowing/cycling/cross-training, for a total of 1 hour cardio. That plus strength training but not pushing it.

I think what triggered the pain was the intensity of cardio, that was too high. Thing is, the minute I slow down the little Hitler in my head wakes up and calls me a slacker :P

A bit pissed off but not worried for the race as I had a solid 3-month training before having to slow down, plus as you say there's always the adrenaline rush!

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Nah I'd be chuffed to finish under 4 hours, I'm a marathon newb ahah

Still get that mild burning feeling in the knee even after a short easy run, thankfully will see a physiotherapist later on today.

Think I'll need to give my knee some serious rest after the race!

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Seems the knee is rolling inward, issue linked to some imbalance in my back muscles.

Got plenty of exercices and more importantly, was cleared for the race!

Might be in pain for a little while but no risk of permanent damage.


Course is said to be the flattest in the UK.

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Marathon finished in 3.56.57.

No pain in the knee during the race, and no pain after, unbelievable

Followed the 4h race pacer for about 30k, then went a bit faster for the last 10k.


Ok, now it's rest for the knee, then training for another one in september, and see if I can do a 3h45-3h50.

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