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Hello, everyone. I am from the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. I have been bodybuilding off and on for over ten years. I have also been a vegan three times in the last ten years. My biggest fitness inspirations are Bruce Lee and Ross Enamait. As far as bodybuilders go, there are so many greats and I appreciate them all. I was the fat kid throughout high school and I found my way into serious exercise around the age of 19. About a year later, people were referring to me as a big guy, but in the total opposite way that they had before. Plus, pretty girls started flirting with me, so, naturally I was hooked. Since then, I have trained in boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ. I have fallen off the fitness path quite a bit in the last three years due to an undiagnosed hernia that was causing rather severe pain. I am glad I didn't hurt myself in the gym all that time! I fully recovered from surgery at the beginning of January and was given the green light to resume more strenuous exercise at the beginning of February. I am loving my return to veganism. I had actually developed skin problems and started experiencing chest pain when I was under stress, and I was surprised when those symptoms cleared up after two weeks of eating strict vegan. I feel really excellent and have been making a gradual return to exercise. I am eager to resume training martial arts again and the simple act of rediscovering bodybuilding after a huge layoff has been too gratifying for words. This seems like an awesome board and I apologize for the lengthy introduction. Talk to you all later.

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