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Difficulty hitting depth with Overhead Squats

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Hey all,

I know this isn't strictly powerlifting and more towards olympic lifting, but I figured out of all the forums this would be the best place to post. I'm working towards proficiency in the olympic lifts and one of the steps I'm taking is to try to get super comfortable with my overhead squat. It's improving, and I'm getting more comfortable with the bar path and engaging my lats to pull the bar back and apart, but I'm having a lot of difficulty hitting depth. I can hit parallel, but this is obviously less than ideal as a position to catch a snatch. I don't think that general mobility is a problem, because I get ass to grass with barbell squats and pistol squats, but something about being weighted overhead throws me off to the point where I just don't feel like I can get any lower. I recorded a form video, and I'm super open to any suggestions or tips that anyone might have. Thanks all!


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