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Getting back into things


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You know, for the longest time I thought I was lazy. Well I used to go the gym a lot (mostly just to stop me getting fat) and then I decided to put more muscle on after coming here. It all went well.. About 8 months ago things started to tail off after two flu like sicknesses in a row. At first I thought I just had a longer tail end of just feeling "Off" and that I would get around to things normally again like doing my martial arts classes four times a week and hitting the gym every day.


Weeks and week and then months of barely doing anything than sitting around at home, trying to pull myself out to do things became harder and I was totally sure that I was being lazy.. But I just felt tired no matter how well I ate or what I tried to do to get myself up. So I ended up going to the doctor who eventually put it down to a digestive bacteria problem.. I'm probably one of the few people in the world that NEED to take pro-biotics now.. Anyway it helped a bit but still I kept feeling tired.. Eventually (again) they found out that I had general adrenal fatigue from being sick and stressed (due to family issues and University work) and that I needed to take real rest and then get back into things.


Think is I've have weeks and week of being.. well I guess biologically lazy now.. I was thinking, do I try and do things slowly or should I force myself into stuff the hard way?

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