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My friends/partner don't understand my goals


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(First of all, I apologize the possible grammar mistakes. I'm not a native English speaker.)


I go to the gym 3 times per week and I really want to stick with it. Unfortunately, my friends don't seem to care about my decisions. I'm so fed up with this "it isn't so important to go to the gym even you'd planned to do so" and "of course we can have a beer, it doesn't matter even if you'll have to go to the gym tomorrow". The situation is even worse if I'm on a diet and they say "you need to enjoy life, food is the biggest pleasure" etc. The fact is that I do enjoy life but eating unhealthy stuff isn't my way of doing it...


The other problem is my partner. He introduced me to powerlifting a year ago and we go to the gym together. I used to be a bit chubby and I never really liked my body until now. So, I'm happy with myself right now but even a thought of gaining fat again is extremely repulsive. Yesterday my partner told me that I should gain more weight, 5 kg (~11 lb) he said. I'm not too skinny, I'm healthy and not even near being underweight: I'm 167 cm (5 ft ~6 inches) tall and I weigh 57 kg (~126 lb).


I spend time with my friends, I go to parties and eat delicious food so why is my lifestyle a problem? I'm not bragging about my lifts or weight or anything. I just feel like I don't have anyone to talk to because nobody understands my desires of working out and staying fit. All I get is dismissive attitudes.

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This is an issue that nearly everyone faces at one point or another... they're called " Negs" . People that will constantly be throwing negativity at you at every possible chance. They don't understand what or why you are doing what you are doing, and will always question your sanity.


Although more often than not, true friends will come around and respect your choices once they see how serious you are, there will always be those that will continue to mock you. Stand up for yourself and demand that if they are truly your friend, they must stop making immature comments and respect your decision to better yourself if they want to associate with you. Negativity, whether in the form of a lame joke at your expense or shoving "unhealthy food" in your face sucks, and noone on a quest for personal enlightenment deserves it. Your energy is responsive to the energy you keep around you.


Surround yourself in positivity and you will attract the things that you want in life.

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I hit the iron religiously. If it is gym day I will move heaven and earth to get a workout. I will awake at 4 am to lift, or do pushups on a break. I don't care. I get a lot of flack about this, as well as my vigilant label reading and ridiculous dietary requirements. But these are my choices. And if you do not respect my choices I must ask that you leave me be. I'm at the point now where I am so cut and jacked people don't question me.


Stay strong. Fight on. If this is your passion never give it up.

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why do they have to?

most of my friends don't know i go to the gym, i keep it to myself, they still ask me how i do it, since i never mention it


just keep it to yourself

personally, i think having a schedule of some sort is really important, if you're saying you're going to go, you have no other choice, you have to follow through

your friends can keep being skinny, fat, and unfit, you don't have to listen to them

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