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Vegan since birth - Hello :)


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Hey everyone,


I'm 24 and a fitness enthusiast. I have been lifting and working out since the last 6 years, but broke my arm which forced me take a break for 2 years and put on some weight. However, since getting back to the grind, I've lost about 20 pounds from being 185 to now at 165, which is what I ideally want to maintain.


However, I'm struggling to cope up with maintaining muscle and abs at the same time, as in, I lose a lot of muscle if I do excess cardio, or cross fitness and follow a strict diet, while I lose abs, or definition, when I eat well. I have been advised several times to start eating chicken and turkey, to find the right balance in my diet. This has been leading to frustration, which led to me stumbling upon this site and I hope I can find answers out here and share my knowledge with everyone as well.


Although I was am not religious I was born in a religious family which believed in Vegan-ism and I have continued practicing it.


So this is just a short introduction about myself.

Have a good day everyone

Pratik Saraogi


Email: [email protected]ail.com

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