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Vegan On A Boat...


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My wife and I live aboard our boat, cruising between Maine, the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas with our 2 dogs. We've been Vegan for 1 year. We work out nearly every day onboard (which is a challenge) and are 100% Vegan whenever we prepare our own foods. We'll reduce to Vegetarian at restaurants when there isn't much choice which happens about 1-2 meals per week. So few waterfront restaurants are Vegan...


I'm 55, 5'11, and currently 154 lbs. I'm trying to get down to about 10% bodyfat by losing the fat I've had since I ran marathons in my 20's - I'm definitely small framed. I've been consistently losing 0.75 lbs per week while continuing to increase my strength by tracking dumbbell and bodyweight workout progress. I think the numbers work out that I need to get down in the low 140's to get rid of the remaining mid-abdominal fat and get down to 10%. It is working but it has been a slow process. Once I get rid of the fat, I'd like to build back some muscle and I'll definitely be looking for some diet suggestions then to build more muscle while staying away from putting the fat back.


It's really great that this resource exists. Thanks for letting me lurk and contribute.

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